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    Whatup Peeps! [IMG]

    A little about us!

    VN was formed 3 years ago by a core group of 16 raiders with a focus on progression. We had a good run of it, clawing our way into the top 5 of Everfrost and staying there. At one point we were #2! Woot GO VN ;p

    Many of us had a period of real life crapping on our game time for the past few months ( but we are back and looking to fill out the ranks once more for a push into bigger and better things.

    If you have a good knowledge of the game and have raid experience, we would love to talk to you about joining us during our regrowth and future awesomeness (hell yeah!). I will not list what classes we need here, as I hate to turn away a solid player if we can restructure to make room for them....I will say that at this current point we could use a couple good scout dps, but feel free to send a tell in game to Loviatrix or Darkzizu to see if we can make something work.

    Raid times: Sun, Tues, Fri - 9-12 EST We've been hitting the new x2 on Saturday nights.

    Peace and Phat Lewts!