Vex Thal raid needs abit of loosening up

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  1. Xavion Well-Known Member

    Now that we have VD1 n2 and we have gear way better then it we all are at a point where noone cares to really farm weapon mats n patterns etc. To get through vex thal beyond the veil and the fact we still have to go through this process is kinda slow and tiring now. Can we please get a phantasmic weapon as a drop off creator or maybe as a rare drop off blob or any vex thal raid nameds? its really sad we have the challenge raid for good gear but we can't even go in it because we can't even farm up enough weapons in a timely manner to even get to start beyond the veil let alone clear it due to weapon progress taking forever. Please remove this requirement of needing to clear vex thal beyond veil or even vex 1 or make weapons alot easier to gather. The blob fight alone is a headache and so rng on wether on not we can win due to the random spazzy deaths from ok everything is fine to sudden spikes of instakills and huge amounts of wipes for no reason. below are some changes any of em picked would help
    • making living shadows drop off any vex thal named instead of only the blob
    • remove need to beat beyond veil to even try challenge version ( i mean if we are at resolve why cant we?isnt that the point of the resolve???)
    • Make full crafted phanstmic weapons a actual drop off vex thal nameds
    • remove the need to beat creator to even do beyond the veil
    • remove the weapon check for vex thal beyond veil entirely and only keep it for challege mode
    the expac is almost over and its time to make things better and easier i mean why make it so hard when by time anyone even gets done or close to it well skip it entirely and just go do new content in the new xpac all together
  2. vlada Member

    from the sound of it you need to
    • defeat creator
    • flawless blob kills
    • farm weapon parts and patterns
    • get weapons for your entire raid team. do the work get the rewards
    • weapons check is fine. you will need 18
    the expac is not 'almost over' and quite honestly all the guild in BTV did the work to get there.its a hard zone. should be,too.
    [fyi: It's phantastic, not phanstmic]
  3. vlada Member

    also this:
    The blob fight alone is a headache and so rng on wether on not we can win due to the random spazzy deaths from ok everything is fine to sudden spikes of instakills and huge amounts of wipes for no reason
    it sounds like you dont understand the strat. lots of wipes? there's a reason!
  4. Bentenn Active Member

    1) If you are having trouble on blob, you absolutely have "0" chance of the first named in vex challenge, especially since its a 12 min timer.
    2) Why can't you farm enough weapons? If you're raid force is serious to want to try it, then they will be serious to farm weapons just like every other raid force has.
    3) Blob fight it sounds as if you're missing out on a key part of the strat

    4) eh, creator you may have a point, however, its still a required flag that must be completed and should not change just because. They have tweaked it, if I remember correctly.
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  5. Arclite Well-Known Member

    All weapon parts need to be on the challenge vex trash/named loot table. I have seen lashings drop from trash and patterns from nameds so far but for those guilds who have no need to be in the older raid zones should not be made to go in there anymore. It is just extra padding of the game time for no real reason or benefit as far as the player is concerned.
  6. Gninja Developer

    We can look at adding another place or two for it to drop.

    Sorry, but no.

    Sorry, but no.

    Sorry, but no.

    Its already a more relaxed requirement in Vex Thal: Beyond the Veil [Raid] (Non-challenge) We don't plan on relaxing it further.
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  7. Taled Well-Known Member

    Lashings and Living Shadow dropping from Vex 2 (or even just Vex 1 nameds) would be much better. Even at a low rate.
  8. Moss Active Member

    We have been doing both the first two raid zones to get lashings every week since the beginning of the expansion and we are still missing lashing for staffs and weapons. The drop rate is ridiculous. As this rate some players will still needs lashing at the end of the expansion, don't you think something is wrong ?

    Make them buyable, greatly increase the drop rate or add them to new locations. Thank you.
  9. Gninja Developer

    Lashings are already available in multiple locations. It is 100% drop from Grieg and the rest of the bosses in the zone have a small chance of dropping one as additional drops. Khati Sha also drops it 100% of the time and previous bosses in that zone have a small chance as additional drops.
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  10. Standard Member

    If you're struggling with the blob / creator, forget about challenge VD2. It's a whole new level and you are very very far from ready. You'll all just drown in your own tears.
  11. Clintsat Well-Known Member

    I don't know if this helps but lashings drop off of challenge vex 2 trash too.
  12. Standard Member

    And Bedlam faction!!11
  13. Taled Well-Known Member

    That does, actually. They're almost entirely for alts, so that means def no point going back to the ST/EC zones.