Vex Thal: Den of Shadows [Solo]

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Chrol, Mar 17, 2021.

  1. Zhevally Member

    So I went through the solo again today, only tried to not burn the names so I could actually trigger the strats and fail effects:

    First named: This named now requires an add off both statues(when I first did it just needed one) No matter where the named was facing on the first profanities thing, it pulled an add out of the east statue(including when I had the named facing the south statue, facing and empty wall, and facing a corner). Though given that there really isn't anyting to hint that adds can spawn out of the statues, this is probably a good thing.
    After the first add spawned it always worked right. The named's profanities thing was killing the adds...which was annoying when the add moved in front of the named on trying to get placement to hit the statues, trying to wait for the named to actually freeze so not moving too soon, and getting the add out of the way(I didn't have to move as far to not get hit as I did to make sure the add wasn't getting hit so less problematic); however it was doable.

    2nd named: The named reappeared just fine after clearing isolation. When I destroyed the key, isolation was not curable, and thus I was forced to wait the 15 seconds for the named to reappear. If I looted a key with it on me, it became curable. Destroying the key while it was curable turned it uncurbable.
    As a note: When I picked up the second key, a new jailer spawned on both sides. Once I had looted and destroyed the keys from those two jailers, no more jailers spawned so there was no way for me to get more keys. (I have no clue why someone would destroy keys that many times, but do imagine this could be an issue with someone zoning out or something[I did not see if zoning back in spawned more jailers])

    Third named: letting the add get all the way to the destination did result in all the things turning to attack me. Since the add stops moving towards the portal if you just hit it once, I could avoid the fail effect without actually killing the adds.

    Fourth named: I finally noticed that blood of luclin heals the mobs, which is actually kind of cool(and is very nice for keeping adds alive). This time around I did have to drop all 3 stacks for her to really take meaningful damage(my first run through the named was dying fine with 1 or 2 stacks still), which is not a big deal since you don't have to kill the adds anyways(I did take them back out to have fun healing them with the blood of luclin thing so I didn't have to pull them again but as that heals the named as well, its easier to just tag the adds again if they happen to die).

    Fifth named: If you place the pearl in the wrong spot, then kill and add you get another pearl and can no longer move the other one(as its lore so you can not pick it up). However, the effect clears with extra pearls placed as soon as you place one in the right spot.(For the last round of this I did, I placed a pearl on every one but the correct one and did that one last and it still cleared).

    6th named: If you manage to get 10 adds up it does indeed one-shot you like the description hints. It was actually really hard to get 10 adds up even with me not hitting anything(I had to purposely drag the adds through the bol thing so they would heal and not die lol). I love the fail effect text here!
    As a note with 2 adds up, when I was hit with swathe of darkness hit for 8.9 billion damage, which insta killed me. On another pull I got hit with it with 3 stacks on the named and it hit me for 86 billion damage, which is a little overkill. Nothing else was hitting too hard for my templar to heal through with the stacks on the named(probably because all the other dets came from the adds and not the named), but swathe of darkness quickly becomes very dangerous(however it is easy enough to avoid getting hit with it). With no stacks on the named, I was fine getting hit with it and then curing myself.
    The quadrants thing to avoid the damage reduction on the named was working right as I dragged the named around.
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  2. Chrol Developer

    Actually, the issue with the holding cell barriers was with the appearance object that displayed the particle effect. It has been replaced with another appearance that actually works and will allow spellcasting through it when it goes away.

    The issue with the stands holding the statues is that they are in fact blocking line of sight with statue's hit box, so you will have to pull them off if you're not already level with their base.
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  3. Chrol Developer

    Yes, a couple jailers respawn to allow you to get more keys should you lose them. After double-checking these, however, I noticed they could possibly not respawn if you left the zone and re-entered at a later time, so that's fixed.

    I reduced the damage a tad on Swathe of Darkness.

    Everything else described seems to check out. Thanks for the feedback!
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  4. Zhevally Member

    I was bored while waiting on overseer stuff so I went and destroyed a bunch of keys again lol:
    I destroyed the keys from the base set of jailers. It once again only spawned one more pair of jailers for me, looted the keys from both and destroyed them. However when I zoned out and back in that triggered another pair to spawn. (Interestingly enough that also causes all the cells to be locked again). I destroyed the keys from that pair, no more jailers spawned. When I zoned out and back in it popped another pair though. So zoning is triggering more jailers to spawn when they were all dead.

    I got up to 8 stacks and Swathe of Darkness did not one shot me when it landed. When I didn't cure it right away, I got hit a second timed for 83 billion which killed me, but I think that's fair given curing it or just avoiding it would of prevented that lol.
  5. girney Member

    how do you know which is the right spot for the pearl?

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