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Discussion in 'General Gameplay Discussion' started by ARCHIVED-Estari, Aug 20, 2010.

  1. ARCHIVED-Estari Guest

    My account is closing in on 7 years, this might be a dumb question but does anyone know what the reward will be for 7th year vets?
  2. ARCHIVED-TheSpin Guest

    Yeah I'm less than 90 days off from the 7 year mark as well. I hope they don't hold off until the expansion comes out to give em out, like they did with the 6 year rewards. Nothing's been announced that I know of, perhaps this thread could be a place to make some suggestions. My suggestions.... Maybe new housing, similar to the skyblade skiff. Extra character slot(s).
  3. ARCHIVED-Estari Guest

    I am a little sceptical about long term veterans getting anything worthwhile, but hey maybe Smokejumper can prove me wrong :)
    A new housing option is a good idea, although not something everyone will appreciate.
    I think it would be cool to see an item clickable from inventory that grants a groupwide (maybe even raidwide!) buff for a set time period usable once a day. Could include a choice of what buff you might want (bonus experience buff, potency, crit bonus, stats, resists)
  4. ARCHIVED-Levatino Guest

    more character slots?
    appearance items?
    sc cash?
    a flying mount?
    a working guise of the deceiver?
    add more ideas
  5. ARCHIVED-PlaneCrazy Guest

    I heard you get a free bronze level subscription to a new EQ2x server of your choice.
  6. ARCHIVED-Levatino Guest

    PlaneCrazy wrote:
    excellent! a real good reward ;)
  7. ARCHIVED-Katz Guest

    How about housing (like the skiff) but IN ADDITION to your other housing.
  8. ARCHIVED-Jenadara Guest

    7 years! Now that's dedication. Congrats. ;)
  9. ARCHIVED--=Hoss=- Guest

    I want the ability to actually sit in a chair and lay in a bed. make it an item that's only usable every 4 hours if you must,to keep it from being OP'd.
  10. ARCHIVED-Jaremai Guest

    -=Hoss=- wrote:
    Pretty sure you'll be getting these animations. ttobey has been discussing it in other threads. It'll be a /command, not an item.
  11. ARCHIVED-Vicotnik82 Guest

    I want a mountable dragon in its natural size.
  12. ARCHIVED-BinderTwoshots Guest

    I'd love a special veteran house.
  13. ARCHIVED-Kizee Guest

    How about a t-shirt on your character thart reads "I put up with SoE's crap for 7 years and all I got was this stupid t-shirt"
  14. ARCHIVED-TheSpin Guest

    Shimmer@Befallen wrote:
    Not many things that actually make me laugh out loud on the forums... this one did.
  15. ARCHIVED-PlaneCrazy Guest

    I haven't checked since the GU, but how do you check your account age now? Since the Details tab is gone on the new combined Inv + Chr window.
  16. ARCHIVED-EQPrime Guest

    How about a CoV that works? :)
  17. ARCHIVED-Ceeamee Guest

    I'd love a special housing reward. Perhaps a modified T1 guild hall of some sort (amenities would be sweet as well!)? One that isn't out in the middle of BFE would be nice. =P

    Other ideas:
    - An all in one crafting station for your home.
    - A clickable teleporter (choice of druid or wizard) that you can carry on your person.
    - A rez stick on a one or two hour timer. (great for those times when the priests are lazy and forget to give out feathers, etc.)
    - An 80% run speed ground mount.
    - A 7 Year Vet cloak with a 10% exp bonus to adventuring and tradeskills.
  18. ARCHIVED-Danladi Guest

    I'm coming up on 7 years myself and I'd have to say I think the special house is a great idea. Although I think it's highly unlikely.
    What I would really appreciate is 2 more character slots. After 7 years, all my character slots are all taken!
  19. ARCHIVED-Te'ana Guest

    Extra character slots and a new house for me.
  20. ARCHIVED-Stylish Guest

    An 80% mount with dual mounted bazookas that fire gnomes wrapped in razor wire.

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