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Discussion in 'Tradeskill Discussion' started by ARCHIVED-Galeden, Nov 7, 2008.

  1. ARCHIVED-Galeden Guest

    Well, the alt I've been working on lately has been almost always out of vitality, yet he is still gaining levels fast dispite this, on the other hand, the craft which I had hoped to keep up with his leveling has fallen back 4 tiers now. Due to quests especially his XP doesn't slow all that much with no vitality, now on the other hand, once crafting vitality runs out, I can't get myself to craft anymore, as it slows down so much, even with writs. It just doesn't balance out, I could spend an hour and gain a level or more of adventure XP, yet that same hour would hardly gain me half as much crafting XP, probably closer to 1/4th. So I have given up for now even trying to craft with him since he got so far beyond my crafting level. BTW he is a ranger and his craft woodworker, which is why I wanted to keep his crafting up to his adventure level, so I wouldn't have to spend 3x more on buying arrows and also make my shields and bows. Woodworking is so slow as it is, I couldn't stand doing it without vitality, so if I do get in a crafting binge for him it comes to a screaching halt once vitality is gone. So being able to double my vitality once a week would be a huge benifit, where I really don't want to speed up his adventure leveling.
  2. ARCHIVED-Canthinkofaname Guest

    I do not like this Orb as is either.
    It takes my adventure vitality HOURS to go away; tradeskilling maybe an hour for the hard classes half hour for people like sages and alchies.
    If I drink a two hour tradeskill potion and my vitality is gone in less than an hour, well my guy gets camped for a week and I come back and finish the potion later. I personally feel a 2 hour potion is pretty pointless without the vitality recharger.
    As it is when I drink a one hour potion I normally have potion left over then I have to decide how many minutes I'm willing to waste if I want to take that char out hunting or just broker browsing.
    Maybe we'll get an tradeskill orb on anniversary 25. :p
    I'd kind of like to see the reaction of the community, if they made a veteran reward that was just for tradeskillers and not for adventurers. Put that on your list of things to do Domino, just for fun.
  3. ARCHIVED-TheSpin Guest

    For those of you saying that tradeskilling is way too easy versus adventuring for this orb to apply to tradeskilling.....I have to ask if you've leveled a character recently.
    I rolled a ranger and in less than 24 hours play time he's already 36 or 37 and it's really only been casual playing, with afks and all. I'm sure in 24 hours of crafting you could get at least that far if you don't have to harvest, but I would say that the difference in leveling speed is mostly due to crafting being an extremely efficient system without any time between quests, or time to shop and the broker etc.
  4. ARCHIVED-Thunderthyze Guest

    I'm assuming the pixie on a string will be something along the lines of this?
    Will be very disappointed if it is more like soap on a rope.
  5. ARCHIVED-zaneluke Guest

    TheSpin wrote:
    Yes I have an alt or two nd leveling is pretty fast with them.
    I also have a noob sage and noob jeweler. sage is 80 with less than 2 days play time. The jeweler is 67 with a little bit over one day play time. With the right combination of potions and new discoveries you can level ANY tradeskiller to 80 pretty dern fast.
  6. ARCHIVED-Noaani Guest

    Lethe5683 wrote:
    Its great for when the level cap is raised, and everyone at the previous cap has zero vitality.
    It is probably also a 1 per character reward, so those that do play alts will have a greater use for it. Those that don't, well, they can't please everyone with a single item. The pirate flag was useless to many (myself included), the broker box and treasure horde are useless to anyone that doesn't bother with a house, the title veteran rewards are useless to anyone that already has a prefered title...
  7. ARCHIVED-Mailvaltar Guest

    I'd really love being able to use the Orb for Tradeskill Vitality, and I too think it's useless for Adventuring Vitality.

    Like psistorm I like to level my crafter along with my adventurer, in this case Bruiser and Alchemist, to make my own AdIII and potions while I go up.
    As of now, I can level the Bruiser at the speed of light without ever completely using up my Adventure Vit.
    I cannot, however, level my Alchemist at the same speed without crafting at zero Tradeskill Vit most of the time.
    Does this work? It does. Is this fair? Hell, no!
    Even if at zero Adventure Vit (which, as stated before, barely ever happens), I'm still able to level on, just a little bit slower. But it's still pretty fast, and it's still entertaining.
    Crafting, on the other hand, is pretty boring to beging with; and doing it without Vitality costs a lot more Plat or more harvesting time (which is quite boring too...).

    If this sounds as if I hated crafting and harvesting in general...I do not! I like to craft, and sometimes I like to harvest, but not for hours and hours and hours on end.
    I'm just saying that it doesn't feel right for me, when it takes as long (or longer) for me to keep up my crafting level as it takes to level my Adventurer, when levelling the Adventurer is, at the end of the day, much more fun. :)

    /vote for the Orb being usable for Tradeskill OR Adventure Vit
  8. ARCHIVED-Valdaglerion Guest

    Big deal. Without a level cap increase what are the 80's going to do but stick it in the bank and hope they remember it next year.
  9. ARCHIVED-Gnevil Guest

    wow obviously I am doing something seriously wrong. most everyone in this thread is stating that leveling a tradeskiller is super easy as opposed to adventurer....
    What am I doing wrong? My armorer 80th Master which is on my retired raid tank was miserably slow and painfull. My provy on my second oldest character and currently my main raid toon is just now 54 I been in the 50's forever and find its just easier to buy food and drink then provide my own. I have a maxed tinkerer took me all of 3 days. I have a maxed muter took me a long time and was uber painfull.
    Now I have a jeweler mid 40's, a carpenter that is moving along so slowly I could shoot myself and I flat gave up on weaponsmith.
    Yet I have 7 level 80th toons with very little effort and could easily level a new alt from 1 to 50th in less then a few play days. Quests, discovery and such make that so painless it's not even funny. My banks on each of these toons are full of the potions for adventure xp bonus. I think I might have used it once or twice on a recent toon.
    Yet tradeskilling drives me to distraction and is so painfully slow it's sickening without vitality. Yet I see lots of peeps saying how easy it is and all. I am not asking for easy at all but I am completely missing something or is there a trick to leveling a tradeskill other then sage and alchy which have tons of recipes and ding levels distractingly fast.
    What am I doing wrong. Unless eveyone is using a tradeskill botting program I fail completely to see how easy tradeskilling is...
  10. ARCHIVED-Deward Guest

    I want to know the trick as well. I can't seem to keep my Sage up with my Necro.
  11. ARCHIVED-Liljna Guest

    Deward wrote:
    The socalled 'trick' is to level by using ts writs. Levelling today is insanely much easier and faster than earlier. My guess is most of the people saying it is easy are used to the slower levelling speed that was in earlier times.
    I am not referring to 'old times' as such, because the overall speed of levelling has changed several times during the years. But there is a good chance the 'older' a tradeskiller you have, the more 'easy'/fast you think it is today.
    But ts writs are definitely the way to go for smooth levelling.
  12. ARCHIVED-sliderhouserules Guest

    zaneluke wrote:
    You're using a sage and jeweler as examples to make comments about leveling speed? That's funny.
  13. ARCHIVED-Terron Guest

    There is very little chance that I would bother to claim the xp potions or the orb.
    I would not want to reduce my fun by increasing the speed at which I level. I dislike it when SoE reduces my fun that way.
    Last weekend I was grouped with a level 80 adventurer created less that a week before.
  14. ARCHIVED-Allyra Guest

    I've already gone on record as wishing the orb could come as an "either/or" type of gadget: you can use it once a week for either tradeskill vitality OR adventure vitality. That way, everyone's happy.
    I can't imagine ever using it for adventure vitality. I think I've only run out of it twice, ever, and that was one bonus XP weekends. But, like many posters here, I always run out of tradeskill vitality, and the pain of continuing to grind on is just too much. So then I leave my crafter alts to sit for at least a week while it regenerates. It would be great to get two rounds of tradeskilling out of them before I have to do that!
  15. ARCHIVED-Chaly Guest

    Created Jun 20, 2006
    Time Played 7 days 22 hours 15 minutes
    Adventure Class Monk (47)
    Artisan Class Tailor (67)

    Time Played 4 days 13 hours 24 minutes
    Last Time Played November 9, 2008
    Adventure Class Templar (21)
    Artisan Class Jeweler (68 )
    Time Played 92 days 4 hours 27 minutes

    Adventure Class Swashbuckler (80)
    Artisan Class Weaponsmith (70)
    400 Transmuting

    I spent more time and money getting my Transmuting up than Weaponsmithing, I think. I don't know how many hours spent making grey recipes just to sell on the broker, or for alts & guildies, or farming rares. Making it available for tradeskilling would be overpowering. I've already thought about it. I can bust out a couple of levels, wait a week and bust out a couple more levels. Weaponsmithing has a lot more recipes than it used to. It's easy to spend an hour and make 2 levels. Add in that orb and it's 4 levels. Now toss in the umpteen XP potions you get to offset the crafting with zero XP bonus. No, I think it's a good thing they're for adventure-only. These things are meant to be fluff, not the tradeskill equivalent of an Epic Weapon.
  16. ARCHIVED-Amise Guest

    sliderhouserules wrote:
    Haha. Yeah. My sage can't walk two paces without falling over XP, but my woodworker levels so slow I can't stand it. Having the orb give tradeskill vitality would be awesome for the non-scholar classes.
  17. ARCHIVED-Terron Guest

    Amise wrote:
    Forget about rushing to level then, and just concentrate on making money. Wolf totems, invis totems, harvesting tools and arrows all sell for decent profits and you don't need to be maxed out to make them.
  18. ARCHIVED-zaneluke Guest

    sliderhouserules wrote:
    And a provisioner,alchemist and carpenter. would you like me to try a couple others? I have 5 tradeskillers. 4 level 80s and a 67.
    Do writs give less exp for other tradeskill classes? or is it still 6-9% 9-10 writs for a cold level no disco exp?
    without new discovery exp how many writs does it take to get a level? 12? 14? at 5 minutes per rush writ, leveling goes by fast no metter the class.
  19. ARCHIVED-Duluvian Guest

    I probably would never use it since I like taking my time, but I agree the option should be there for tradeskillers to use it as well. It should be cancelable so that you can turn it on or off when you like.
  20. ARCHIVED-KniteShayd Guest

    I would MUCH rather be able to choose an orb that restores crafting vitality.
    I have NEVER needed adv vitality since I started on PvP. Who the in the eq2hells needs it unless your 80 and catching up on AA!? Seriously!
    The vets rewards were not very thought out imho. the firework's cool, the pixie is meh, course the boosters are standard. And what?!, NO TITLE?! C'mon!...
    Please, before this goes live, change the orb to include/toggle for Crafting Vitality. Or make it so when we claim it, we examine it (a la the house pet/house plant) and chose one of two orbs!

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