Very sloooow zoning; and being a ghost when i get in there

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Wimble, Jul 11, 2019 at 9:03 AM.

  1. Wimble Active Member

    Zoning or logging a character into game is a roll of the dice with these kinds of results:

    15% no problem. log in taking a reasonable amount of time.
    25% slow log in which I would say is upto 2 minutes before getting a responsive toon / zone.
    20% Ghost toon! - see below
    20% Extreme slow. takes 5 minutes or more for a zone to reveal itself and become responsive.
    20% kicked back to character select. Have to restart game.

    It reminds me of playing on dial up. Service provider is adamant Im getting 58 mega whatever per second. Ive turned off firewalls etc on the computer, makes no difference. Any ideas? the game as it stands is unplayable for someone trying tor raid or do group zones...

    Ghost toon!

    This is a bit weird, but, sometimes the game will log me into the zone and fully populate it as expected. I can move my toon around freely but cannot do anything in the zone. To be more precise, I cannot interact or causally affect anything in the zone. So - I cannot aggro anything, cast anything, sit, call home. I can type commands such as /quit but nothing happens. Nothing is clickable so I cannot leave the zone either.

    I came to find this quite funny but nowadays I'm inclined to see it as the game just trolling me more. 5 minutes to zone into somewhere that is useless.

    In all seriousness the game is unplayable like this, any help appreciated thanks!
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  3. Wimble Active Member

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  4. Bludd Active Member

    ok, you can have a fat pipe (megabits) but the packets flowing through the pipe can be all snaggely and get caught up in stuff. Try something like Pingplotter and let it run for a few days pinging a few stable sites you like

    if you have a lot of lost packets and or spikes in latency, you have an unstable line and that can make everything that requires stable internet feel bad.
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  5. Wimble Active Member

    ok in the process of using pingplotter thanks for that. the game is genuinely unplayable as it just logged me in as a "ghost toon" during an ethereal run :/. I'll post some info after running pingplotter.
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  6. Wimble Active Member

    These look good but seem disingenuous as the problems are as bad as ever. Pingplotter implies a local problem but tracer results with the server are pretty bad at the server end so im not sure what to do at this point!
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  7. Bludd Active Member

    okay and if pingplotter shows nice flat graphs with low latency and no packet loss, well then there's something else going on. that something else can of course be DBG-related

    but it could also be related to drivers and other software settings on your machine. Can you post screenshots or video of the ghost town issue?
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  8. Wimble Active Member

    Well the laptop is new; i've updated drivers. The ghost town issue is simply: imagine going into any zone as normal but being a ghost. you can see yourself (in third person), you can run around etc but nothing is aware you are there, essentially, as if youre a ghost.

    I'll re run pingplotter and post the result for what i believe is the server for eq2.
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  9. Wimble Active Member

    [IMG]Target Name:
    Date/Time: 12/07/2019 10:20:21 - 12/07/2019 10:30:21

    Hop Sent PL% Min Max Avg Host Name / [IP]
    1 228 23 2.00 10.78 3.50 bthub.home [**********]]
    2 228 100 0 0 0 [-]
    3 228 88 10.00 19.13 11.55 []
    4 228 0 9.75 18.64 11.15 []
    5 228 0 10.00 16.56 11.78 []
    6 228 0 10.00 19.31 11.82 []
    7 228 0 10.00 43.98 11.95 []
    8 228 0 11.39 17.10 13.43 []
    9 228 0 11.00 15.24 12.61 []
    10 228 0 12.00 21.59 13.88 []
    11 228 0 9.05 63.00 14.72 []
    12 227 89 12.94 18.21 14.29 []
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  10. Wimble Active Member

    As a comparison, target site -

    Target Name:
    Date/Time: 12/07/2019 10:23:53 - 12/07/2019 10:33:53

    Hop Sent PL% Min Max Avg Host Name / [IP]
    1 227 21 2.00 7.01 3.52 bthub.home [************]]
    2 226 100 0 0 0 [-]
    3 114 91 10.00 12.00 11.18 []
    4 116 0 11.00 14.00 12.23 []
    5 116 0 10.00 12.89 11.22 []
    6 116 0 9.73 35.45 12.25 []
    7 116 0 12.04 109.00 21.69 []
    8 227 0 9.35 16.00 11.38 []
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  11. Bludd Active Member

    can you upload images instead?
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  12. Wimble Active Member

  13. Bludd Active Member

    sorry not showing up for me, can you upload to or something?
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  14. Wimble Active Member

  15. Bludd Active Member

    I don't like that packet loss man, do all the graphs look like that? if they do, you need to get down to basics with how you are connected to the internet, eliminate as much networking equipment you can so you can see if any of your stuff is broken or if your ISP has problems with your line

    if you can have a cable connection directly with the gateway or box which gives you internet access and see if the packet loss is still bad. if it is, swap the cable for a known good one, if it is still bad then you must contact your isp. if it isn't, you have some dodgy networking equipment
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  16. Wimble Active Member

    Yes, looking at a few different traces, they all look the same, packet loss at the beginning and at the last step. The ISP have been adamant there is no problem and quote the speed test results as a proof. I'll get back to them on monday. No cable to plug directly into the router/gateway. as an aside, there is no networking gear, just the gateway/router the isp provided. TY for the help with this :)
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  17. Bludd Active Member

    good luck man
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  18. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    When you're "ghosting," can you at least do /camp [to that character again] so you don't have to go all the way to Character Select or out to reset things? Many's the time when I've been booted trying to zone into, say, a house (first mistake, even when there's NOTHING IN THERE), but the Character Select gods graciously "allow" me back "in" without screeching that I'm a horrible, horrible monster (rather than a paying customer) who's trying to do something horrible by having two characters in the world at the same time on one account ("YOU MUST BE AN EVIL SOUTH KOREAN OR FINN!!!1!!1! OMG OMG OMG!! GET OUT! AHH! :eek:"). Well, I'm "allowed" back in, but can't interact with anything, though I'm visible: usually to test it, I check to see if I can do Brokering or Banking, and if I can't, I know the gods lied to me and I have to /camp to myself to smack them in the face. :-/

    I do know that since AT&T screwed over everyone on DSL, I'm pretty much hung out to dry, but frankly, this kind of thing happened back when we had decent speeds. My guess is it's not just your end. :-/

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  19. Geroblue Well-Known Member

    Its very aggrivatin' particularly early in the mornin' before the sun rises. Forgot to do something. Try to log back in, and it tells me I already have a character in there. No I don't, I logged out. Now I'm trying to log back in. No need to panic ya server thingie. I'll go get a cudgel I will.

    Sorry, channeling one of my ancestors or something similar.

    But the servers do seem a bit slow in actually logging out the characters. I'm on 100 Megabit cable modem.

    ( Yes, I know its not at that speed continuously.)

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