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Discussion in 'Ranger' started by ARCHIVED-akaglty, Jan 1, 2011.

  1. ARCHIVED-akaglty Guest

    I'm not sure how many of us will get into beta until a week before launch, with beta being so short this year, so figured I would make a post for us to give feedback on what we would like to see for AA with Velious. I'm sure another post will pop up with going back to fixing problems with the class, so try to keep this as much about AA as possible.

    1) General damage increases and lower reuse times for our CA's without the high concentration on melee CA's. There should be one that is general and works for all CA's and others that focuses on specific CA's, since a 10% increase in damage and 10% decrease in reuse might be huge for one attack but almost nothing for another. Something bringing the recast on sniper shot down to 5 minutes would be awesome!
    2) If no action is being taken to convert our important melee CA's into ranged attacks, then I would like an AA that gives us extended range on our melee CA's (At least 150%) so we're not stuck using Miragul charm forever.
    3) Some kind of utility. I recommend either a group/raid casting range increase on all CA's and spells by 10-20% or a useful extension to focus aim that will have a real effect on both melee and caster classes.
    4) Something that either doubles the trigger count of Makeshift Arrows, or cuts the reuse time in half. I know we have an AA that increases it already but it needs to be extended. With the ability to AE auto attack, we burn through all those triggers in no time and the recast on it is to long.
    5) I'm sure there needs to be some type of fluff AA. For that, I would like to see a much bigger increase in our track radius. It is kinda crazy that a bard can track as far as a ranger.
    6) Miracle Shot needs an AA that actually makes it hold up to it's name. Since it's nerf it has the damage and cast speed of a utility CA without the utility.

    I'll keep adding to this as I think of more.
  2. ARCHIVED-Neiloch Guest

    1,2) ANY melee CA AA's better include a range increase or outright conversion to ranged CA's. Otherwise don't bother. Sick of seeing AA's that just increase melee CA damage. Would rather see AA's to lower reuse time and increase damage on ranged CA's if they refuse to 'rangify' melee CA's one way or another.
    3) Range increase would technically benefit every body but healers the most I think. Not sure how useful a temp range extension on 'Focus Aim' would be though. Maybe have an AA that adds a group/raid range increase to one of our maintained buffs and something else that makes the group portion of Focus Aim (nature's focus) raid wide if they are going to continue down the 'accuracy' route they seem to be taking with the current high end loot/content.
    Then again something that increased range for group/raid could kill 2 birds with one stone. More utility and allow us to have some more ranged on our melee attacks without needing the stupid miragul charm.
    5) Fluff AA? that's easy, more stuff to make us use less arrows. With access to flurry, auto AE now and multi attack coming in full force in the xpac our arrow use is only going to go up more.
    6) Miracle shot needs an overhaul in general and not with AA's imo. Hate spending AA's to make something actually useful.
  3. ARCHIVED-Noob1974 Guest

    I was under the impression there arenot going to be new AA's only more AA pts to spend.
    The only change mentioned by Xelgad so far is to Hawk Attack.
  4. ARCHIVED-Neiloch Guest

    Noob1974 wrote:
    no they said there will be new AA's. A while back they weren't sure but now I think its something like one new tree, and 75 more points, with more points spendable in current trees.
    As for what they mentioned, they are purposely not giving us any info so they can release it as a kind of PR/advertising thing I guess, instead of just casually on the forums.
  5. ARCHIVED-akaglty Guest

    I meant for the focus aim thing to be an extension of what it already has. The benefits we get from it right now aren't a big deal anymore. With everything on there but accuracy at cap most of the time we need something added to it that is useful again.
    Adding a range extension to focus aim would be horrible with the short duration.
    For the fluff AA, additional arrow conservation would be pretty nice. Just threw out the tracking thing because it's something a bit different. Kinda sick of seeing the same stuff.
  6. ARCHIVED-Neiloch Guest

    Yeah thats basically my 'wish list'
    • AA's to increase ranged DPS
      • improve ranged CA's
      • convert melee CA's to ranged CA's or just increase melee CA range
    • Something to make Focus Aim more useful and not trying to buff stats that can be capped at this point.
    • More arrow conservation for any 'fluff' AA's.
  7. ARCHIVED-Vaylan77 Guest

    buffs (but i think it will be something like 0.1 % more of this or that)!

    1. group buffs - no one really likes rangers in a group very much since they don't buff the team up with needed stuff. i wonder why a ranger has no group buff that increases ranged.

    2. a deagrro buff that lowers the hate from any animal mob so you can pass it freely without being attacked.

    3. a passive buff that reduces damage and increases avoidance for all arrow attacks. a ranger should best now what a bow can do thus being able to avoid being hit by other rangers in pvp (actually i would like to see that for every class so that finally more people on a pvp server play different classes).
  8. ARCHIVED-loramil Guest

    I'd like to see an AA that would give us a percentage of our Multi-Shot chance to Triple Attack instead of double. Something like a 5 point ability that scales up 4 percent per point.
    So for example, with an 80% Multi-Attack probability and 5 point in this ability, beyond the 80% chance to Double Attack, you'd have a 16% (20 percent of 80) chance to Triple Attack.
  9. ARCHIVED-akaglty Guest

    Loramil@Permafrost wrote:
    This is already going in for everybody. After the expansion, any multi attack you get over 100% will be triple attack.
  10. ARCHIVED-Crimson Lord Guest

    +1 for turning melle cas to range
  11. ARCHIVED-Sydares Guest

    I'd like to see an AA that gives us 100% recovery speed.
    And another that gives 15% flurry.
    And another that boosts all CA damage.
    And another that reduces casting speed across the board.
    And another that makes gives our melee abilities castable from bow range.

    But let's be honest. We'll get something fluffy and useless, 5% damage bonuses to our melee abilities, and some generic damage spell as an endline.
  12. ARCHIVED-Taemien Guest

    Carpediem@Antonia Bayle wrote:
    He's talking about something that scales. Like if you have 100% multiattack, you have 20% chance of that to be Triple.
    If you have 200% then 40% to quad.
  13. ARCHIVED-dropdoff Guest

    Along with the increased Melee CA range I would like to have our min bow range decreased.
    I would like to see an AA branch that for everypoint added it will increase the melee distance by 2 meters and decreases the min bow range by 1.
    So, in theory, once we get 5 AA in that branch we will have an additional 10 meters to our melee CA's and a 0 bow range. That would make the RT fight better and the other fights where position and location tends to work against us.
    I would like the 0 min bow range on all ranged attacks but even having it on just auto-attack it will be better than nothing. Granted we are supposed to be ranged but our snares don't always keep the mob locked down long enough when soloing
    Just my addition to the wishlist.
  14. ARCHIVED-Hisvet Guest

    Alright having a line that gives us more damage for the first 20% of the mobs health, a time when the mob is usually POORLY debuffed and has the most effect on Aggro control issues without giving us good aggro control tools is ludicrous. An assassin gets their buff at the last 30% of the mob (more time for more damage) when the mob is heavily debuffed AND has hate transfer in addition to the same poor aggro control tools is extremely uneven. This is an unfair and logistically unsound differentiation.
    So fix that. Give us 30%, or give us the equivalent increase in damage for that 10% difference cost for us make it less resistable to deal with debuff issue and make our hawk or abilities cause less hate during that time period on the mob to compensate for the aggro. Wish #1 fix logistics on damage boost during mob fights for rangers.

    Large hit parity, Assassinate hits do so much more damage than Sniper Shots, granted I wouldn't be suprised if its because they are using the first point above to boost that, but we have nothing equivalent. In a class where our hits are slower, our CAs are slower, we're dealing with positioning, jousting and stealthing as well there's no parity. We work very hard (maybe not technically complex but we're doing a heck of a lot to eke out every last bit of dps and pushing a heck of a lot of buttons to do so). Wish #2 for me.

    Give our epic bow flurry like the assassin epic has flurry. Considering we're not going to be swinging it anything like an assassin can swing their blades it would be nice to get something that will close the dps gap difference on such a basic buff. Wish #3 for me.

    Cost analysis. I use arrows... in a raid night of 2 hours I'm normally going through 1200 arrows. So on top of poisons, on top of potions, food/drink, consumeables like oilstones whatever can be done to help (which other classes have to do) I am ALSO spending plat or rare materials every raid and non raid just so I can fire a bow. (and yes it is plat even for titanium field) CA's aside I cannot even use one unless I have those arrows. Nobody else even other bow users are going through arrows like that and spending that much. We get no appreciable benefit for it. Since class set up REQUIRES us to melee/joust for raid dps we are NOT standing back safe. We are melee'ing jousting, dealing with positionals and ideally remaining there behind the mob dps'ing. And STILL spending plat on arrows like water. And STILL not closing the gap with our brother assassins who can swing their swords for free like every other class. Its not much of an issue until we talk about long play sessions and specialty ammo then it becomes big fast. We have to waste Adornments and AA lines on ammo conservation that does nothing for dps? Not good parity. Either give us damage boosts for that money spent, Adornments that include damage components in with that ammo conservation or something. The only AA line we can get ammo conservation on is a MELEE ability. .... *slaps someone who thought of that* Anyway its a wish right, I can wish for anything. I wish for some parity here, heck maybe we should get money back with each arrow hit to pay for the cost or something. Robbing for Rangers. Wish #4

    Utility would be nice but when it comes down to it the most important thing for me is doing enough dps to justify a space in a raid and keep it. Knowing my brother assassins would always be more desireable instead of another option of choice because they can deal with all the above is a thorn in the side. I'm asking for no nerfs on assassins. I'm asking for parity and respect to class uniqueness. Sure make them better on certain types of mobs than we are. Just make it so that we're more wanted on "the other" types of mobs. We're predators, let us er...pred more lethally. We have no specialty shots anymore that are necessary for any raid, which frankly takes quite a bit of fun out of it. We are just lesser assassins who prefer to snipe. And unfortunately do less because of it. If you want to differentiate out aoe vs single target, fine it needs to be done a heck of a lot more than currently. So if you give assassins an ability to increase their melee with a debuff for instance, there should be an equivalent for Ranged only. Heck assassins have the second most ranged CAs they aren't going to complain. So Wish #5 is a desire for MORE dps differentiation and parity with assassins.

    Give us the options setting to set ranged autoattack as our default autoattack, heck give it to everyone. Wish #6

    I don't mind the jousting, I don't mind the melee, I spend money on tons of arrows all the time, I use the deaggro tools I can, I use my aa's and positionals, and coverage and intoxication and everything I can. I buy into your view of rangers, buy into my view to make it more enjoyable and useful again. I do love my ranger, and raiding and I do feel I contribute good dps, but I also feel more constrained, not as versatile and certainly not unique. And poor, I definitely feel poor. I don't think I'm asking for radical stuff. Just some thoughtfulness.