Vegarlson: Council's Stronghold

Discussion in 'Zone Discussion' started by Chrol, Oct 8, 2018.

  1. Chrol Developer

    Please post any feedback, bugs, etc. regarding Vegarlson: Council's Stronghold. There are 2 versions of this zone, [Solo] and [Heroic]. In your posts, please be sure to call out which version of the zone you are discussing.


  2. Shonshazzitt Member

    First named was fine, just do a joust, love the snail racers lol... The Gravel did not make any rhyme or reason, other than being dead alot for attempting to follow it.
  3. Shonshazzitt Member

    K I died following the floating stone, should just wait to see the order of the doors, figured that out...

    Aggregahn 2nd named - Spell - Aggregate Blast - Blasted me to smitherines... unable to avoid, health went down almost 95% on 1 tick. merc fully healed me, then I died, have not been able to get the mob to 75-50% range without dying.
  4. Bardonio Active Member

    so did you even go around the temple same as the first floor?
  5. Bardonio Active Member

    so for each level you should go around the perimeter of the floor first. like the bottom floor. just made it to third level.
  6. Bardonio Active Member

    there is a wildfire on one of the floating islands that has double buff package PLANAR GUARD
  7. Bardonio Active Member

    a stormstone lumberer kept falling through the island during combat.
  8. Chrol Developer

    Thanks, will fix the wildfire and lumberers.
  9. Sakurra Member

    cant spawn the 4th named....have nothin to click or something else......rou around the temple nothing but i have found a cosmetic bug: theres a rift between the railing and floor...... quest completed (Elements of destruction: Layers of Order) cuz jumped down again xD
  10. Conifur Well-Known Member


    You need to up the HP's on the three mobs needed to "grow" the plants on the third floor. On single focus, pet and merc doing nothing they die too fast and you reset to the beginning. If you don't want to increase HP's make them move slower.

    This is using old gear, could only imagine after a month or so how aggravating that will be - probably like the in and out boss in Tordin.

    The last 4 mobs seem really easy - are they supposed to come at you one at a time?
  11. Conifur Well-Known Member

    Just float down to the island - no need to even go on those islands.
  12. Wimble Active Member

    Yes, so I've killed the mad snail and ported back up to the third floor but cannot see what I need to do next. the doors arent active and there's nothing around the edge of the temple? Any pointers?
  13. Shonshazzitt Member

    Put the thing from the golem down from the island into the planter, kill 1 of each mob that pops on each of the mounds of dirt
  14. Spartanec New Member

    trash mob (wildfire) have second buff with much resolve
  15. Chrol Developer

    Will be fixed, thanks.
  16. Grate New Member

    Gap in the art between the ledge and the floor at 1650.26 464.48 0.06 267.47 0.00 0.00
  17. Grate New Member

    Ran into the lip of an edge at 1248.33 635.35 12.99 83.72 0.00 0.00 got stuck on the ledge
  18. Katzandra Well-Known Member

    After starting the test of gravel (not following a walk through), I wasn't clear on what I was supposed to do and clicked the wrong door. I died. I could not restart the test to see the pattern again. Eventually I reset the zone and paid attention and got through the zone. It would be nice to be able to reset the test without resetting the zone. On a later run through the zone (the game came down just before I could finish the quest), I think I noted that if you make a mistake, correct choices are "saved" and you start at the mistake. My instinct after making a mistake is to start over, not presume a correct choice before a bad one was "saved".

    Suggestion: Have it so one can reset the puzzle or see the pattern again.
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  19. Chrol Developer

    Yes, tomorrow's update will require you to restart the puzzle if you click the wrong door and die.
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  20. Mercychalice Well-Known Member

    Could you possibly slow the Vegarlson's pathing by say, 10 or 20%.. He moved so fast I only saw him go through the first door. I didn't see it again after that, and, does the path stay the same on each floor? It doesn't seem to, and I didn't notice a way that it changed as I didn't see it again....perhaps the golem deaths mark the order instead...#puzzles.

    Or, perhaps, add a way to be shown again the path he takes?

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