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Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Yahtsee/Daesania, Sep 9, 2021.

  1. Clintsat Well-Known Member

    Is it balancing for 26 classes or the multiple tiers of gear?

    Percent-based damage and the damage caps affect each class very differently. A swash will murder things quickly because of the way their procs work while a squishy wizard will be semi-handicapped because their big, slow spells will be damage capped.

    Anyways, the solos aren't too terribly difficult but it's just too bad that the challenge of current class mechanics get in the way of your work (obviously not much you can do there on that issue).
  2. Yahtsee/Daesania Member

    with my swash, 1 hit = 25% of mobs health. there's no way to throttle my dps short of strike of consistency or something like that. ;)
  3. Chrol Developer

    Have to also consider the fact that these “solo” zones actually allow up to 2 players, so that’s more balancing we have to take into consideration. It really just comes down to time and resources.
  4. Obano Well-Known Member

    Last mob has also become quite impossible to kill on a Bruiser atm.

  5. Miragian Active Member

    In what kind of gear? Cause my wife has completed the solo on her monk at least using just a healer merc and gear out of mostly solo and maybe a little VD 1.
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  6. Obano Well-Known Member

    My gear is high end raid gear. Mostly 275 and 180 resolve items (413k total potency). Monk is not the same thing as a Bruiser. Totally different classes at this point.
  7. Fauna Member

    My swash is not having a problem here, but she doesn't have raid gear (resolve: 5275). I do the zone in defensive stance and never allow more than two of the epic adds up at once as otherwise I'm way too squishy, but otherwise I'm fine. It's looking like it's those with the best gear who are having the problem, and that suggests an unforeseen problem with this percentage based damage system.
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  8. vlada Active Member

    thats really nonsense! i have all raid gear and 5615R i have zero problems with this mob.and im an illy. it makes me think people do not understand the strat
  9. Yahtsee/Daesania Member

    I'm in raid gear.
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  10. Yahtsee/Daesania Member

    Oh thanks for assuming I'm doing it incorrectly, but since you insist on being toxic about it, I'll fully explain how i run the fight so you can point out where I go wrong.

    I damage the mob with 2 hits to drop it to 80-75% triggering first damage type. I click the thing to spawn the add, auto attack it to get aggro, go back to named mob and hit it once more dropping it another 20% til next damage type, kill first add, then trigger second add and auto attack that to gain aggro/damage type, go back to named, hit another CA or 2 to drop it another 20%. While all of this is going on, I use whatever cure elemental i can if merc is lazy when det comes on.
    So please enlighten me that I do not know the script?
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  11. Sigrdrifa EQ2 Wiki Author

    It's not raid gear, nor too much DPS. I have no issues on my conjuror or warlock.
  12. Yahtsee/Daesania Member

    I'd love to hear what your thoughts on the issue is then. I have over 2b hps in solo + max level merc/familiar/mount.
  13. Sigrdrifa EQ2 Wiki Author

    I just ran VD solo on my raid warlock to get some numbers:
    • Fervor: 923.5%
    • Potency: 438,594.4%
    • Crit Bonus: 16,631.2%
    • Health: 1,968,485,192
    • Zonewide DPS: 36.86T
    • Labomination DPS: 4.61T
    These are numbers inside the zone. In my guild hall:
    • Fervor: 546.6%
    • Potency: 355,006.5%
    • Crit Bonus: 16,466.2%
    • Health: 1,113,879,919
  14. Yahtsee/Daesania Member

    I'd have to take some time to get those numbers after raid but mine are higher than those. I'm 392k potency, 550ish fervor, and like 1.4b hps? I dont have exact numbers off hand since i'm in raid and those numbers are a bit skewed so just going off of memory.
  15. Yahtsee/Daesania Member

    non solo: 392k pot, 549 fervor, 15.8k cb, 1.4b hp
    in the solo: 477k pot, 926 fervor, 15.8k cb, 2.5b hp
  16. Obano Well-Known Member

    I was finally able to kill it by de-spawning my mount. Apparently if you have too much HP the damage ramps up faster than the boss can be killed. Classes with high base HP pools wearing raid gear get wrecked.

    There really should be some ceiling on the damage scale. If a player HP goes past a certain threshold then the mob's damage should stop scaling upward otherwise it becomes unkillable without taking off gear or de-spawning mounts.
  17. Yahtsee/Daesania Member

    Good to know! I'll try that this evening.
  18. Yahtsee/Daesania Member

    No luck. tried no mount, then no mount no familiar.
  19. Chrol Developer

    For the next update, the auto-attack damage from The Abandoned Labomination in solo will be reduced by ~40%.
  20. Yahtsee/Daesania Member

    Thanks, you're the best :)