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Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Yahtsee/Daesania, Sep 9, 2021.

  1. Yahtsee/Daesania Member

    Unable to kill last named in solo vasty deep, seems to be happening to *just* rogues in a small poll in our guild. 3 other rogues in our guild also have this happen to them so its not isolated. 2 are raiders, 1 is an alt. The named is hitting us with heat, mental, disease, slashing all at the same time doing massive amounts of dps. I'm a raid geared swash and even with a merc this thing is smashing me to pieces. I know how the script works. Even trying to slow dps by removing mount/familiar didn't help.
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  2. CharbrynEQ2 Well-Known Member

    I have had this happen as well (I'm one of the rogues mentioned in the OP). I have only had this issue come up with my brigand - this does not occur with any of my following alts: ranger, sk, monk, fury, bruiser, illusionist. I was able to successfully kill Abomination last time on my brigand by literally just autoattacking but it is beyond strange that this happens ONLY to my rogue. My brigand is not quite as geared as my monk but is raid geared as well.

    What I've noticed is that I'm getting hit by all 4 damage types even if only one add is up, and this stays even after the add has been killed before activating the next one. Perhaps too much burst damage is triggering the damage scripts before the text shows up to change damage type?

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  3. Bludd Well-Known Member

    are you curing the elemental detriment?
  4. Taled Well-Known Member

    I haven't had this issue with my beastlord, and I clearly overdps the script - I'm guessing you aren't running a healer merc, maybe?

    The multiple damage type hits shouldnt kill you - That's only 5 mil each, for a total of less than 20 mil total.You might want to try swapping your bardings to health bardings on your mount, as well -- 160 mil between the queen and the labomination shouldn't be enough to kill you.
  5. Yahtsee/Daesania Member

    I have well over 2b health in the solo, health is not the issue.
    The 5m isn't the problem, its multiple of the 400-500m in a row. even with the deathsave trigger it only gets down to 50% before dying.. even with a merc. Scrolled back to verify damage and though the text doesnt include seconds, i had over 11 hits @400-500m in the span of less than 1 minute.

    Again, the issue is not with any other class but rogues.
    Edit to add: 2.5b in solo
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  7. CharbrynEQ2 Well-Known Member

    Yes, I'm curing the det (running a healer merc that is level 20 and fully geared). I don't wait for her to cure because she is horrible, so I pot cure.
    I've done this on multiple classes with 0 issues just this week alone, most doing less dps and all following the intended script. I literally only have issues on rogue.

    Edit to add/remind that I can kill it without deaths if I basically do nothing but auto attack. I don't have to do this on ranger, illy, monk, bruiser, sk, fury...is it possible the constant interrupt procs are overloading something on the back end? No idea, I'm not a coder.
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  9. Chrol Developer

    Yeah as CharbrynEQ2 posted, that's Lab Rat. That's what we refer to as a "sustained" spell which lasts the entire fight on bosses. Nothing you can do to avoid it, but it's not percent based damage so it can be reduced.
  10. Yahtsee/Daesania Member

    Its not the labrat hitting for massive damage though. The mob is hitting 3-4 times in the span of seconds for over half a billion of damage each hit.

    Let me grab another SS to clarify.
  11. Yahtsee/Daesania Member

    Sorry i misspoke i guess the numbers all run together. But this damage was all done within seconds of eachother. over 1.5b damage in seconds. Not me nor my merc can keep up with that level. i have 2.5b hps in solo but i'm flattened within about 50% of the mob. [IMG]
  12. Yahtsee/Daesania Member

    Just to clarify, I did this zone on a really crappy SK and had no issues with this. its not from lack of understanding the script.
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  14. Chrol Developer

    That's his auto-attack damage, which is percent-based, as is all auto-attack damage from mobs in recent solo zones. Also, solo mobs with percent-based weapons cannot riposte (which was a problem when we first started using percent-based weapons a few years back.)

    I double-checked the Abandoned Labomination's buffs, and he doesn't have anything that would grant him extra damage to his auto-attacks. Maybe you lost defense somehow? I can't really tell based on this screenshot, unfortunately.
  15. Taled Well-Known Member

    Out of curiosity, Yahtsee, are you fighting him up on the platform where he spawns?
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  17. Yahtsee/Daesania Member

    No, Nothing was lost. All appropriate buffs and gear were on me. This not just a me issue, other rogues have the same issue.
  18. Clintsat Well-Known Member

    This explains a lot of the frustration with solos as of late... Why would solo mobs be doing percent-based damage? Between %based damage and %damage caps....it seems you are punishing players who gear/progress appropriately.
  19. Chrol Developer

    Because it's solo, and balancing mobs for 26 classes is no fun!
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  20. Borandor Member

    I occasionally die to the last named as well with my swash. The only thing that seems to help a *little* is switching to defensive stance. I haven't verified the numbers in the log, but supposedly (according to the tool tip) it will reduce regular "straight up" damage.

    Sometimes I blame my merc. Monila (level 20, well geared) is sometimes on the ball and lands heals and cures in a timely manner. Other times she will let me sit there at 20% health and I'm yelling "Are you going to heal me soon???" Then, *poof*, there goes my death prevent...so then it becomes a white knuckle fight praying that she doesn't goof up...and yes, I kill the adds as soon as I don't need them anymore.

    Like others here, I have also run this zone with lesser geared toons (warden and paladin). Neither of them have any problem with the last named in terms of surviving - of course it helps that they both have heals...