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Discussion in 'General Feedback' started by Chrexx, Mar 20, 2023.

  1. Chrexx Active Member

    We were instructed to open a thread regarding Treasure Cache's on TLE so you can specifically track them. And now that thread is locked.

    Going to assume that was a misclick.

    Please remove this absurd cash grab, disable all crates cache's currently on the server, and apologize to the community before it's too late.
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  2. Klownage New Member

    No one likes these crates. Please remove them.
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  3. Revvix Active Member

    These crates will ruin the meticulously crafted itemization of the TLE server. Please disable them!
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  4. Spiritus Praeteriti Member

    Agreed, who cares? You want to spend a bunch of money for an extra 20% chance at personal loot that's more of the same crap you can get anywhere else? Go for it. Anyone against this must be finally running dry of money to throw at TLEs after squeeze after squeeze each server.
  5. KythosMeltdown Active Member

    The majority of my enjoyment on the TLE's is the absence of many microtransactions.
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  6. Life New Member

    IDT anyone is putting a gun to your head on any micro transactions.
  7. KythosMeltdown Active Member

    You're right, they're not.

    So Ill go play a different game lmao.
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  8. BlubBlub New Member

    Agreed! Terrible component!
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  9. Klownage New Member

    Not caring right now while you think it doesnt effect you imo is not the move. If they think this is ok who knows what else they will add in the future.
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  10. Revvix Active Member

    Don't lump me in with this bad take :p I poke fun at the itemization because it's been horribly managed, but these crates will only make things worse for the server. People will go crazy with caches the first couple of weeks and then complain that there's nothing to do or upgrade until RoK.
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  11. Spiritus Praeteriti Member

    You're just choosing to ignore them then, just because you aren't participating in them doesn't mean 50+% of people are.
  12. Spiritus Praeteriti Member

    How so? Because they'll get all the crap items in 2-3 dungeon runs instead of 8? Because people will be getting loot you spent DKP on for 0 DKP because they got it from cache rewards on the same raid you just spent almost all your DKP on for the same item?
  13. Chrexx Active Member

    Keeping this in will go down in the top 5 worst TLE decisions ever made - coming to a toxic youtube channel soon.
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  14. Revvix Active Member

    Yes, those are valid concerns. To keep players engaged, there has to be a carrot to chase. Some items, even during KoS, were quite rare and worked as a carrot, such as Windrazors. If suddenly 3-5x as many Windrazors started dropping due to caches, they would be much easier to obtain on the broker and the incentive to raid through DT would be gone. There has to be a balance of challenge vs reward. If the balance tips too far in either direction, it hurts player retention and causes drama. Your argument is that there is no carrot from the start, so challenge is irrelevant, but that isn't true even in the itemization hell that is KoS.

    The icing on the cake is that this is a blatant cash grab tactic, that may or may not be legal in various countries. Accepting gambling money for loot boxes isn't looked upon favorably by many governments but... I digress
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  15. Kazooooooooooo Active Member

    How I screwed up my reply is beyond me. Probably blinded by the tears of laughter.
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  16. Boldac Active Member

    That is the problem though...take a look at the broker, you'll see the same person selling windrazor after windrazor. These crates are just Daybreaks way of cashing in on the wallet whales the same way the bot raids have. And I guess we shouldn't be surprised at yet another cash grab tactic. Its not the first time they have added a "new feature" and placed it behind a paywall outside the normal sub or xpac costs. Doubt it will be the last either.
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  17. Revvix Active Member

    Bots are different problem, but now we potentially have bots with caches heh.
  18. Boldac Active Member

    Different problem, same result. Screws up the community economy of the server.
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  19. Liberal Member

    I really wouldn't mind these in instances considering there isn't enough loot coming into the game as it is now, and theres such limited time between expansions you're basically setting the money on fire when you give it to DBG for these gamble crates.

    I do however, have a problem with these being on contested mobs as it sets up the precedence which - I could be off the mark here; that contesteds will now spawn slower to incentivize people to buy these crates and get their loot.

    In general I would wager the community as a whole finds these predatory, and you would be unlikely to find someone who enjoys this system and wants it in the game.

    I am mostly disappointed as this was shaping up to be a much better EOF experience than FG/Kaladim. It's now been bulldozed by pay to win gamble crates.

    Our feedback means nothing.
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  20. Accendo Community Manager

    Opening this back up since it was suggested to create a new thread from a developer.
  21. Peak Nagafun

    I'd prefer less p2w over more p2w, but if these were to remain in game, I think a good middle-ground would be something like:
    1. Disabled on contested mobs (as has been suggested)
    2. Initially disabled on all new raid content for a period of time (whatever makes sense based on expansion duration)