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Discussion in 'General TLE Discussion' started by Accendo, May 3, 2022.

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  1. Beneeto Member

    why do people think Kronos just magically spit out plat and inflate the economy when used, do they not know how plat is actually made
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  2. KaladimNate Member

    So are you saying that you should be able to transfer DBC between players instead of plat? I'm trying to understand how you think Krono should work. This seems really weird.

    Idk, I think its really weird how people think that slower exp rates and slower unlocks somehow means that they wont be stuck "leveling alone", like longer unlocks or slower exp rates will change the fact that the "jobless hyperactive kiddies" wont still be miles ahead of them in terms of progression. The only difference is that if it takes 80-100 hours to hit level cap (it wont, this is just an example), the "jobless hyperactive kiddies" will still be max level while you're left with the same people you would've been stuck leveling with regardless of the speed but without the benefit of being able to realistically catch up to them.

    I keep hearing talk about not wanting a "second job" but then those same people want to turn leveling into a second job. It's kind of weird.

    Also Edit: And just for the record, I'm in favor of the Kaladim-level exp gain. I have no hat in the ring. I just think its weird seeing people argue against things that are actually to their benefit.
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  3. Rhoks Active Member

    Make EQ2 Great Again
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  4. Sunlei Active Member

    The only mount with stats, vitality/exp potions, on TLE cost 39$..those won't be disabled. Kelrock first droppable stat mount is lvl 60 use. your claim window will be almost empty a few things will be there/bags maybe- no potions.
  5. Sunlei Active Member

    plenty of collections on TLE servers..experience for collections & location experience was cut way down on TLE a long time ago.
  6. Kotter Legendary Member

    when can we expect a new Pack from store?
  7. Kotter Legendary Member

    nvm. was posted.
  8. Jalathan Active Member

    Yah, I actually recanted on the xp levels being ok in one of the other threads. still like the 16 weeks, so I have time to work on things like HQs and such which were so important early on
  9. Mowse Active Member

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  10. Accendo Community Manager

    Another update with two new questions and answers:

    Q: Can I purchase both crates, the Destiny of Velious Crate and the Undying Crate and claim them on the Varsoon TLE server? [Added on May 19, 2022]
    A: Yes, both the Destiny of Velious Crate and the Undying Crate will be available for purchase and claim on the Varsoon TLE server.

    Q: Will the Overseer System be available on Varsoon TLE server? [Added on May 19, 2022]
    A: Yes! The Overseer System will be available on the Varsoon TLE server.
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  11. Gohast New Member

    Thank you for the update!
  12. Mizgamer62 Feldon Fan Club Member

    Will the mounts included in the crates have stats or just be appearance only?
  13. Taled Well-Known Member

    To clarify this point - In the past, every time a new pack was released, the previous pack becomes unavailable.

    Is the DoV crate going to be left up for sale simultaneously with the Undying Crate, giving the option to choose between the two?
  14. Dude Well-Known Member

  15. Taled Well-Known Member

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  16. Crunchies New Member

    I'm a returning player to EQ. I've been debating starting with EQ or EQ2 since both have new servers launching at the same time. I've settled with EQ2/Varsoon. I've played with EQ for many, many years and know the game well and decided to give EQ2 a try this time around. Been exploring some toons on existing EQ2 servers and didn't get to try out end game content but I do like the many differences between the games. The only thing I don't like with EQ2 is the crafting system and I hope it will grow on me.

    Hope to see many of you on Varsoon at launch!
  17. Reconnection Member

    This is the question I'd have as well. How much of the DoV crate will carry over to Varsoon without being changed/disabled? Particularly the stat mount and crafting table.
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  18. Madigan New Member

    Regardless of the XP rate, I can promise I will be the last raid focused player to hit level 50.
  19. Mourneuk New Member

    Disappointed you changed the exp rate to match Kaladim. I found Kaladim a touch too slow to keep up with the quest levels, epsecially if you're going to divert xp to aas the way we had to back in the day. Why make the change because a few people complained? If xp is too fast for you turn it off. I can't do anything to make xp gain speed up other than xp pots and I won't be doing that (I realise this is likely the reason and that adds to the disappointment. New owner, same hand reaching for your wallet. I detest being nickel and dimed in a game I pay a sub for).
  20. Synjyn New Member

    This really makes no sense in starting over on a Progression server. The whole point of a progression server is to actually start from the beginning with zero advantages like: Exp pots, crates, etc...Why don't you just add a second "old" school progression server without any to advantages and cheats. I'm sure there are people who would just like to play the game as it was...and enjoy the camaraderie of friends and guild mates while going thru quests and dungeons. 16 weeks is a long time and frankly I rather spent it like old school than getting to 50 within a day or 2.
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