[Varsoon] Semi-new player looking for guild (EU player)

Discussion in 'Guild Recruitment' started by Eruge, Jun 5, 2022.

  1. Eruge New Member

    Hi there! I recently started out on Varsoon (a week after it launched), and would love to find a guild I could join for activities, especially raiding.
    Currently I'm a level 33 Warlock, but I don't mind leveling something else that is needed for a guild.

    What I'm looking for in a guild is a comfortable & friendly atmosphere that is welcoming to all, where people can have a good time and help each other out if needed. As for raid nights, 2-3 nights a week would be the sweetspot I reckon.
    Since I'm semi-new, there's still lots for me to learn, and get used to, but I'm very excited to be playing, and willing to learn and pull my weight.

    I'm 28 years old and live in Norway, so preferably I'd love to raid at hours that wouldn't be too late for me, but it's not a must. I don't mind if a guild that raids until 11PM EST or so contacts me.

    As I wrote above, I'm currently leveling a Warlock, but I'm open to play something else. Most of my experience raiding in other games have been as a caster DPS, but a support could be very fun as well assuming I learn how to play it. Healers I'm a bit cautious about, but it would be a fun challenge. Same for tanks.

    If you have a guild that you think might fit me, please respond here, or contact me on Discord: Vakrul#2211

    Thanks for reading!