Fixed Internally Varsoon Rangers not Multi Attacking

Discussion in 'Resolved' started by Ziefren, Feb 26, 2023.

  1. Ziefren Active Member

    Not sure how long this has been going on for but it appears my ranger is NOT multi attacking.
    He has 10 multi / 28 ae auto / and 4.9 flury.
    I am def seeing Flurrys and AE autos happen but 0 multi attacks, whether its ranged autos or even when i do forced melee, i am just not seeing any.

    Here is the special attacks report from tonight in labs, basically about half way through the zone with 0 multis
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  3. Unnattural Member

    I just checked my rangers logs over 4 heroic zones and 1 raid zone from the last 24 hrs and noticed it also, all in KoS zones. It does however work just fine when going to a training monkey in my house.

    Pulled logs from raids last week and see the same thing. ZERO multi attacks in KoS zones
  4. Ziefren Active Member

  5. Fleshdecay Well-Known Member

    I can make a separate thread if needed but this is also specific to rangers. Ranger auto's and or combat arts are not able to proc the effect on Windrazor. Whether this is an item specific issue or a class issue, I'm not too sure, but with Windrazor being a best in slot item for dps scouts, Rangers should not be left out. I'm assuming it may have something to do with Ranger combat arts not counting as combat arts but instead a "ranged ability" or something.

    Edit. It may possibly be a crossbow issue instead. Ranged auto from hunters crossbow might not be counting as a combat hit therefor, any scouts using crossbow as their main source of auto damage (Rangers) will never proc items with effects such as Windrazor.
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  6. Unnattural Member

    To add : I tested with force melee and force ranged on the ranger, neither MA'd in KoS instances heroic or raid.
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  7. Shawson New Member

    MA is definitely not working for my Ranger in KoS/Varsoon. With or without the Hunters bow.
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  8. Laud New Member

    Multi Attack is 100% not working on my TLE Varsoon ranger....... Also, Windrazor does not proc off of ranged auto attacks and ranged combat arts. Making a best in slot item for scouts specifically irrelevant for rangers.
  9. Anib New Member

    MA as blue stat on item seems to not work in KoS Zones for multiple (if not all) classes. Confirmed for Paladin/Berserker.
    Buffs/AA/Item-Buffs that grant MA seem to work, MA from blue stats seems to be off in Kingdom of Sky.
    Everything is working as intended in non-KoS Zones.
  10. Boldac Active Member

    Double checked logs. Seeing MA in KOS raid zones on all other classes.