Varsoon - PST Late Night!

Discussion in 'Guild Recruitment' started by Grizauk, May 20, 2022.

  1. Grizauk New Member

    Prismatic Guild - Nocturnal

    Raid Time 9 Form up with a 9:30 PST Start.
    Mon/Thurs with a Sunday Offnight Raid. Sunday may be added to a third raid night during Progression!
    DKP Bidding with a plat split system!
    Raiding not required. We accept casuals as well.

    -Raiding needs below- If you are extremely experienced in a class that is closed or you want to contest a spot, please message me to talk (Grizaux in game).


    Backup Raiders needed! Open to most classes.
  2. Gripper New Member

    Good group of people talking with them and figuring out what a late night PST guild direction is going to go.

    Drop by the discord and see what they are going to do!
  3. trunqzz New Member

    <Nocturnal> We are a Late Night PST Guild.

    Aiming for 9:30 PST Raiding Days not yet set. Taking Votes as We Speak.

    If you play late come hang out!

  4. Grizauk New Member

    Still room for a few more raid spots. Lvl 30+ for now unless you can grind it quick.
  5. Grizauk New Member

    40+ with only a couple Main Raid slots left.

    Also room room for anyone who doesn't want a raid slot.
  6. Grizauk New Member

    Recruitment closed unless you are max lvl and feel you are an extremely talented player.

    Casual and backup raiders may still apply.
  7. Grizauk New Member

    Open for some shifting of classes. Thanks all, yes we have Pris done!
  8. Intenzive Member

    We are now recruiting a Templar.

  9. Grizauk New Member

    Just looking for a Dirge atm + backup raiders
  10. Grizauk New Member

    Updated info, need a dirgy!
  11. Grizauk New Member

    Updated recruiting 1 troub.
  12. Grizauk New Member

    New updates on recruitment at top!