[Varsoon] <Pacifica> Oceanic guild

Discussion in 'Guild Recruitment' started by Dhol, May 26, 2022.

  1. Dhol New Member

    Oceanic guild looking for more! We have players from Australia, USA, and Japan and welcome anyone who plays during our times!
    We are social, inclusive and welcoming guild with veterans and newcomers alike. We will probably be organizing raids over the next few weeks but not finalized.

    Come see us on discord.

  2. Dhol New Member

    Bump. We're doing great with 40+ members. We're casual at this point but will be looking into raids in the next few weeks.

    Our peak playtime is around 6pm AEST (+/- 2hrs).
  3. tnilc516 New Member

    Hello. I play in the AM in the USA. What time is Raiding? Are you looking for Raiders currently? Thanks!
  4. Arai New Member

    Is Pacifica still active? Aussie player here thinking about rolling on Varsoon
  5. Einhander65 New Member

    Yes mate. We are very active. We raid Tuesday 8-10 and Friday 8-11.