Varsoon Launching Next Week!

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Accendo, May 17, 2022.

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  1. Laalon2 Active Member

    And there are people almost level 30 and im level 1 cuz i havent been able to log in since 5 pm est when it "opened"
  2. Chikkin Well-Known Member

    how long until first crash because you zoned and ended up touching login server?:p
  3. Slipshod Active Member

    Ok, so on a whim - I decided to try to login to AB on one of my other toons. Logged right in. So I logged out and tried to get on Varsoon... and got put right back in to the exact same wait time.
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  4. Mizgamer62 Feldon Fan Club Member

    I am laughing, but I really don't have words at this point.
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  5. Slipshod Active Member

    Hell, I even tried dropping the client all together. Logged all the way out to desk top. Logged back in and... went to the exact same wait time.
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  6. Dude Well-Known Member

    Been in an hour so far with no crash. Getting time for bed, though, so probably will be logging off. I finished the ship, got to the island, and completed both the feather and shell collections. I'm going to wait for some vitality to build overnight and do the turn ins tomorrow.
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  7. Mizgamer62 Feldon Fan Club Member

    Good for them I guess lol At this rate, they may be the only population on the server for the duration lol.
  8. Slipshod Active Member

    The most disturbing thing is the lack of information from anyone. Not one sound. They took our GD money - but now there is nothing.
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  9. Pixistik Don't like it? You're not alone!

    I am beginning to think they just said, welp..that didn't work, we will try again tomorrow.
    I must say, over the years I have come to know what to expect from the team when it comes to changing things they should leave alone, to introducing something new that really isn't.

    They ALWAYS seem to deliver exactly what I expect they will.. never a surprise.
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  10. synthetic_astral New Member

    How many times have they set up a progression server at this point? What's the issue here? Did they lay off everyone who set the last one up?
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  11. Laalon2 Active Member

    There's at least one guild with 24+ players in game... meanwhile I'm waiting since 5pm to get in and still in the queue..

    Better wipe the server when its fixed
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  12. Deathraptor New Member

    so, now back up to 2 hr 5 minutes?? WTF?? Does this counter run backwards?
  13. Slipshod Active Member

    I was kicked to character select at 4:10pm PST - been waiting ever since. More than 2 hours and still listed as almost 2 hours more before I get to play. But that's OK because the Dev s said... um,. they said nothing. Can't get a single friggen reply about anything from them.
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  14. Pixistik Don't like it? You're not alone!

    I don't think that's the whole issue, I think them tinkering with broker restrictions without fully understanding how its all tied together threw some errors in another part of the program that moves data around during zoning.
    I have seen on test server an error just from paying your room rent that would crash the server, not just for you but for everyone playing on test.. nasty little bug.

    But I am not a programmer, I fix cars, its just thats what seems like is going on. The lack of communication is completely normal for this team, you got your developmental roadmap earlier this year, you dont really expect them to keep talking to us do you?
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  15. MichaelBB New Member

    Copy/Paste ... change name of server ... amirite?
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  16. Fyodor New Member

    So we have to wait while Atan's guild gets to play?
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  17. Jalathan Active Member

    They have had some discussions on the discord, just saying that too many were trying to get in and that they were looking into it...
  18. Mizgamer62 Feldon Fan Club Member

    I don't believe that is the problem tbh. I have played on all of their TLE's and I don't remember any thing like this.
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  19. Deathraptor New Member

    Ok, I give up...checking out of the game, permanently....Account of 6767 days. Anyone wants my stuffs? Oh, wait! Haven't been able to log in to GET any 'stuffs'...never mind
  20. Slipshod Active Member

    A monthly sub for the right to play on Varsoon.... 14.99
    Cost of one more character slot.......... 10.00
    Paying for a crate to help support the team knowing full well that you
    won't use it on the new server - or probably ever......... 24.99

    total: $50.00

    Daybreaks response: Screw you - I already got your money
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