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  1. Revvix Member

    Currently there's very little reason to run the following heroic zones more than once (if even that). They are very short level 50 instances but they offer a reasonable amount of challenge in both getting to their zone-lines and the mechanics within. The Sanctum of Fear even requires some farming before entering it because you need 4 golem hearts. However, these zones offer basically nothing in terms of rewards other than quest updates. The only fabled items dropped within are weapons which no one will use due to prismatics and generic armor pieces without any rare/unique stats/effects.

    I would recommend enhancing these loot tables in three ways to encourage players to form groups and replay this content. First, allow the final boss encounters to drop an item from the generic level 50 legendary pool by default. One of many decent items could drop, if the whole generic pool is available. Second, give each encounter a new unique fabled drop that has a very low chance to drop instead - like a 3-4% chance. Lastly, remove the useless existing items from their pools such as 2-handed weapons and treasured items no one will ever use.

    The Sanctum of Fear (Final Boss: Fright)
    Fabled suggestion: Heart of Fright - A charm with a small multi-attack bonus.

    Miragul's Menagerie (Final Boss: Myrgoth)
    Fabled suggestion: Miragul's Magical Manticore Mantle - A cloak with a small bonus to resistances

    The Oratorium of Thyr (Final Boss: Flame Lord Thyr)
    Fabled suggestion: Royal Band of Thyr - A ring with a small max HP bonus

    The Bastion of Flames (Final Boss: Efreeti Lord Djarn)
    Fabled suggestion: Vacant Bottle of the Efreeti Lord - A charm with a small reuse speed bonus.

    These are just ideas off the top of my head that seem theme/era appropriate. These are high value blue stats on item slots they aren't typically found on. This should, in my mind, be good motivation to get groups interested in farming this content further expanding the heroic content available for level 50s. At the same time, I don't think these proposed items are too strong to cause any unbalanced. These zones all have lock-out timers, so you can only attempt them so many times each day.
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  2. Reconnection Member

    Revvix, thank you, you've put a lot of effort into your lists and linking items. I think you've really demonstrated how T5 loot has suffered in previous TLEs, these are items that if addressed and appropriately itemized will really add to the fun of Shattered Lands on Varsoon.
  3. Frid Member

    Thank you for your excellent work. I don't think devs actually realize how important it is to revamp Nek2's loot table. During vanilla there is litterally nothing to do at level 50 other than running icy dig over and over again so hopefully they will take your ideas onboard.
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  4. Liliun Member

    In Permafrost, some items that are lvl 40 should probably be lvl 50. Sorry I do not have links.

    Coldfist bracelet
    Coldfist Leggings
    Cloak of the Trapper
    Idol of Focus
    Igrah's Eye
    Kerhn's Wand
    Trapper's Staff
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  5. Liliun Member

    I agree with this, here are some items I found:

    Dragon Eye Ring
    Mithril Neckguard
    Bulwark of the Silvered Defender
    Dyrthian Hammered Hoop
    Talisman of Dark Power
    Bangle of Stability
    Helm of Dawn
    Izaian Runed Bracelet
    Neckguard of Vigor
    Silver Fang Stiletto
    Thunderstone Mantl
    Runed Lysisian Belt
    Bulwark of Warfare
    Runed Fang Bangle
    Norrathian Runed Ringatebringer
    constructor's cape
    Onyx Forged Great Sword
    Talisman of Thunder
    fulginate double headed axe
    Odrisian Forged Signet
    Shadowstalker Mantle
    Bulwark of Infinite Wisdom
    Sacrificial Sabre
    Censer of the Destroyer
    Kite Shield of Fiery Might
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  6. TheGreatGatsby Member

    While we're here, can we also please take a look at the drop rate of fabled items from the Krathuk in Everfrost? It has some great items on the table but I don't remember ever getting a non-wood chest on the times we bothered to kill it. I know after a few weeks, my guild stopped even trying because it didn't seem worth the time.
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  7. Venser Active Member

    Don't forget to look at trash loot in Darathar raid so we have something to do there other than insta-pull Darathar and skip all of the trash.

    There feedback done. whew
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  8. Kryptstalker New Member

    My wife and I don`t usually post on the forums, But we are both happy to see the XP at live rate. We have been gone from the game for a few years and we have been waiting for a TLE like this one. WE want to play and find good people to enjoy the game with, but we both work and don`t want to have to grind for levels to keep up. We are also hoping to find people in the game that its about having fun not how fast we can do something.(in reference to dungeons and raids} One of the reasons we left the game was the community became to much about( oh your not the right class, your class would make us take 30 sec longer to win the raid (encounter). What ever happen to playing and raiding to have fun? We are hoping the community turns out to be a good one.

    P.S. This is not a complaint it is us giving our Opinion on why we are happy to see the xp rate at what it is, We do agree that maybe they should lower the release time down to 12 weeks from 16. If my post offended anyone I am sorry was not my intent.

    This post is under the wrong thread, sorry I missed that I was in wrong thread. Should of been under the Server TLE FAQ discussion Thread.
  9. Reconnection Member

    Mint, I do wonder if focusing these threads in the future would be beneficial. For example, having this thread to focus on T5 loot since we are first coming into Shattered Lands, and then at some point during the next couple of months having another thread (or unlocking this one) to focus on DoF, then KoS, etc.

    I do think a high priority at the moment is adjusting the many T5 items mentioned here that were unfortunately downgraded to level 40 last TLE. If those are fixed and made level 50, it would really change the dynamics of our experience in Shattered Lands to what it should be. So many zones would be made relevant again (and fingers crossed for more challenging tuning as well!).

    Thank you for your effort, I know there is a LOT to go through and review/adjust. If you need a coffee or beer fund, please provide a link for donations in this thread.
  10. Revvix Member

    The Drowned Caverns: Acts of War & The Drowned Caverns: Brutal Acts of War – Note these zones have never had very clearly/easily defined loot tables and not many guilds have cleared these zones on previous TLEs due to bad itemization. Due to that, online data about these items is outdated and iffy at best. This is my best attempt at finding the items that can drop in these zones that aren’t currently setup to be level 50 items. If possible, I would recommend scaling these items to be stronger than vanilla fabled items by about 10%. Allow these mid-content items to be desirable and worth farming over vanilla raid zones. BAoW is actually pretty difficult content that must be completed without a single wipe or the instance is ruined, so the rewards should be worth the trouble. Otherwise guilds will ignore this zone again and just farm the easier content.

    Triumphant Garatch Mot Vambraces
    Charred Boar Hide Sash
    Malignant Pendant
    Mystical Zulretch Mot Breastplate
    Bloodstained Zulretch Nim Skullcap
    Gilded Garatch Nim Bracers
    Runed Ilvitch Nim Wristguards
    Stitched Garatch Nim Footwraps
    Malignant Zulretch Nim Wristguards
    Polished Zulretch Nim Gauntlets
    Reinforced Blotch Nim Coif
    Glowing Ilvitch Nim Cowl
    Glowing Ilvitch Nim Mantle
    Elaborate Ilvitch Mot Wristbands
    Polished Zulretch Mot Spaulders
    Reinforced Blotch Mot Coif
    Hardened Zulretch Mot Gloves
    Runed Ilvitch Mot Slippers
    Pitted Iron Ring
    Shining Blotch Pal Gauntlets
    Reinforced Zulretch Pal Greaves
    Silver Stitched Ilvitch Pal Mittens
    Zygomyd Ring of Harmony
    Robe of the Ishva
    Mantle of the Evanescent
    Skull of Jhen'Tra
    Breastplate of Luring Whispers
    Earring of Timeless Visions
    Chestguard of the Evanescent
    Vengeful Hero's Fistwraps
    Mystical Boots of Forest Walker
    Kris of Havoc
    Vacra Av Svim
    Splitpaw Tooth Necklace
    Runed Totem Staff
    Tonlets of Luring Whispers
    Velvet Choker
    Helm of Timeless Visions
    Ring of the Sight
    Gnoll Hide Tome
    Greaves of the Tyrant
    Tonlets of the Howling Halls
    Deep Dweller Boots
    Goring Gauntlets
    Lus Idol
    Slippers of Wonder
    Ring of Infusion
    Tome of Wonder
    Arcane Underpaw Slippers
    Platinum Welded Boots
    Seeping Wristguards
    Ancient Garatch Nim Helm
    Shoulder Pads of Dark Rites
    Golden Gnoll Tooth Earring
    Terramite Stud
    Underpaw Crested Girdle
    Boar Tusk Bracers
    Zulrech Nim Skull Earring
    Ancient Garatch Nim Wristguards
    Echoing Vambraces

    I would also recommend scaling all the other level 50 solo/heroic instance loot from Splitpaw Saga to be level 50 as well, but I can’t track down that information. The level-scaling nature of these zones makes it very difficult to find item links via online search tools. I think only the level 50 versions of these zones are worth fixing, as no one uses these zones to level anyway. Adding a rare legendary item or two to these solo/heroic instances, especially jewelry/charms/cloaks with rare stats, would easily make them much more appealing to run multiple times. The x2 raid zone is pretty fun/cool/unique from what I remember but we only did it once on Kaladim because the rewards were awful. Making this zone rewarding again would be a huge plus for the mid-content.

    Drowned Caverns: Hot Water (heroic)
    Drowned Caverns: Arena of Heroes (heroic)
    Sundered Splitpaw: Alone in the Dark (heroic)
    Sundered Splitpaw: Anvilpaw's Grotto (raid x2) <-- Especially recommend adding/fixing stuff for this!
    Sundered Splitpaw: Crawler Nest (heroic)
    Sundered Splitpaw: Gladiator's Triumph (solo)
    Sundered Splitpaw: The Hideout (solo/heroic)
    Sundered Splitpaw: The Trial of Harclave (solo)
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  11. Kahleem Active Member

    Although I haven't spent as much time as others above me have posted I just wanted to chuck my 2cents out there for feedback.

    One of my greatest "Gripes" with the past few TLE's was how boring and "generic" loot had become. Going 5+ levels and loot maybe getting a +1 here or there was just disheartening because you never felt such a small impact to your stats.

    I know that power-bloat is a real thing, but there has to be a better way to itemize in EQ2. Lastly, raid loot should feel really great to achieve, and x2 zones should give something as well that you can't achieve from questing or from just group-dungeoning around.

    Thanks :)

    ps: Can you put more illusion items in the shop or to be quested/found in-game? It's one of my favorite things to do, collect illusions!
  12. TheGreatGatsby Member

    Oh my god, I cannot believe that I forgot about the loot in Brutal Acts of War. I've gone daft. Thank you so much for remembering this as well.
  13. Mint Loot Meddler

    I am caught up to here and will be gathering specifics from the more comprehensive posts.

    Thanks all, this is very useful. Please continue to share anything you feel we should know or look into.
  14. Naneeje Well-Known Member

    Freeport timeline quest.
    Your Eternal Reward. Stuck with stats at level 64 which was level 60 version.
    Please update the level 80:
    Empowered Cloak of the Lucanic (and then "Mage", "Priest", "Scout", "Fighter".
    I would love the rewards for the city timeline and as much time that goes into it to be worthwhile, thank you. I want to encourage people to do the timelines because they are an immersive experience.
    Lucanic Knight's Breastplate as well. Please make sure that is in line. It was low stat during Kaladim progression.
    You may have fixed it already, but please check.
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  15. Revvix Member

    Items below found in Lavastorm should be scaled up to level 50 items.

    The Magolemus (Epic x2) - These earrings could use a special blue stat or something to make them worth collecting. I think they are the only unique items that this boss drops? The data here says they haven't been discovered since 2016 so maybe they don't exist anymore.
    Earhoop of Perpetual Punishment
    Hoop of Perpetual Punishment
    Stud of Perpetual Punishment
    Earstud of Perpetual Punishment

    50+ Generic Lavastorm Heroic Named Drops. It also looks like sub-50 trash mobs can maybe drop this table as well but I think that's OK. I'd rather see a level 48 solo mob have a 0.1% chance to drop a level 50 legendary than have a level 53 heroic have a 100% chance to drop a level 40 legendary.
    Smudged Brass Bangle
    Singed Silken Cloak
    Girdle of Accuracy
    Molten Copper Bracelet
    Ring of the Sootfoot Archer
    Sash of Ash and Flame
    Oblong Melted Bangle
    Lava Crystal Earring
    Stringed Basalt Choker
    Blackened Waist Wrap
    Blocker of the Sootfoot Shaman
    Symbol of Ash and Flame

    The Fiery Apparition – This specific heroic encounter has some unique loot. I personally wouldn’t mind seeing these items being added to the generic lavastorm legendary table above so the other named in the zone can drop them as well. A few more mid-quality cloaks/ranged weapons would be nice to have on an accessible table.
    These 4 cloaks need to be scaled up from 40 to 50. Maybe move them into generic lavastorm loot table?
    Mystical Cloaked Cape
    Mystical Metallic Shroud
    Mystical Imbued Veil
    Mystical Chainlinked Mantle
    The below are already level 50 items. Maybe move them into generic lavastorm loot table?
    Aithelka, Mystical Focus
    Darkened Satchel of the Blazing Sun
    Dragon Bone Bow
    Pasuia, the Passionate

    Everfrost related suggestions/changes.

    The Seraph of the Stags Epic X2 contested - Note that on the previous TLE (Kaladim), this mob was so easy to farm that it was essentially camped 24/7 for the unique level 50 cloaks and charms it dropped. If possible, I'd love to see the difficulty of this encounter be raised to require more manpower to defeat. Its loot table could be shared with other Everfrost contested encounters too so this mob in particular isn't camped 24/7 and killed instantly by a single person boxing 3 necros. Maybe a non-issue if additional level 50 cloaks are added/fixed in Nek2 & Lavastorm.
    I recommend allowing other epic contested in Everfrost (Kra’Thuk & King Zatan) to also drop the following to help alleviate the issue of someone monopolizing this under tuned encounter:
    Powerful Healer's Shroud
    Powerful Defender's Shroud
    Powerful Stalker's Shroud
    Powerful Medium's Shroud
    Corruptor's Spire Shard
    Cruel Cube of Deflection
    Sphere of Becoming

    Needs to be scaled up from 40 to 50.
    Archons Bracers of Light

    The Kra’thuk – This mob’s loot table was actually scaled well on Kaladim but it suffered a very different type of itemization issue. Most of the time, I think all 6 or 7 times my guild bothered to kill it, this encounter only dropped a basic treasure chest. So, you’d get a whole raid together for this X4 contested, kill it, and you wouldn’t even get a single legendary/fabled item to drop. I would suggest changing this to increase player enjoyment in general. I can’t imagine anyone wants to keep it working the way that it currently does. Guaranteeing at least one or two fabled drops per kill would be great.

    King Zatan – I think this encounter suffered the same issue as The Kra’thuk above, but I could be mistaken. His loot table looks good if he’s programmed to actually drop things in his treasure chest.

    The Ghost of Tundra Jack Level 50 Heroic – Some items are level 40 that should be 50.
    Wandering Defender's Choker
    Wandering Medium's Choker
    Wandering Stalker's Choker
    Wandering Healer's Choker
    Bonecaster’s Pantaloons
    Wandering Medium's Girdle
    Wandering Stalker's Girdle
    Wandering Defender's Girdle
    Wandering Healer's Girdle

    Other Misc Everfrost Heroic drops that I recommend be scaled from 40 to 50
    Ring of Victorious Banter
    Band of Victorious Banter
    Loop of Victorious Banter
    Ringlet of Victorious Banter
    Stiletto of the Graverobber
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  16. TheGreatGatsby Member

    Most, if not all, of Lavastorms nameds drop unique items. For example, Asphyxia drops BiS rings. Also, the wands and the bows that drop from Fiery Apparition were removed from the loot table during Fallen Gate. Bringing them back would be incredibly nice.
  17. Venser Active Member

    Fallen Gate has mostly level 20+ mobs. They're pretty much all dropping level 10 gear. some of the level 10 gear gives 6 primary stat, some gives 4, both are level 10. I'd list them out for you, but I am almost certain 90% of the trash loot in Fallen Gate is level 10 instead of 20.

    I imagine that might be the case in Stormhold as well, but something to look into so when people are leveling they can get gear that better matches their level.
  18. Deafxint New Member

    I've always loved playing through Firemyst Gully in Antonica, but the quest awards a level 10 weapon/shield. I believe it used to offer a level 18 reward - with really nice stats too. Either way, its a level 15-22 zone and the quest requires you to clear the entire zone so I believe the items should be upgraded to level 20 items, and have their stats buffed accordingly. Below is a list of items that the quest can currently award:

    Barrier of the Gully Purifier
    Symbol of the Gully Purifier
    Buckler of the Gully Purifier
    Bauble of the Gully Purifier
    Round Shield of the Gully Purifier
    Exonerated Knuckles
    Stave of the Walking Storm
    Jagged Blade of Vipers
    Runic Staff of the Trainee
    Stormhold Invader's Mace
    Blade of the Dunestalker
  19. Dhol New Member

    Reposting here as recommended by Revvix. He mentioned the Theurgist's and I see it was moved from lvl 40 to 50, but not looks weak against other treasured armor. All 3 drops were from Icy Dig off EF.

  20. Happypanties New Member

    Posting here in hope of some ranger love.

    As we know that finishing Prismatic Weapon Timeline there is no love for rangers. Was Just wondering if you could add a bow to the Prismatic Swiftblade of the Scale Reward and just make it Ranger only? Just thought that might be a better option then adding a new Prismatic Weapon just for rangers.
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