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Discussion in 'Feedback' started by Mint, Jan 19, 2023.

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  1. Maergoth Well-Known Member

    Only saw a few claymore links from test but some major points of concern:

    Still no tank-oriented sword that I could see. Which is fine if the shield got a protection buff and/or max health, which it didn't appear to. Was hoping to see the ratings cranked up but as mentioned, they're tossed in the "expansion gear" basket for some reason, which is tragic for something that should remain useful into the next expansion, ideally.

    Also a concern about MO jewelry: Lots of stuff with very low resists for no obvious reason. Might be a bug, who knows. This is especially bad for tank-facing gear, of which there aren't many alternative sources
  2. Steals New Member

    This is very disappointing news, i understand that Hunter's is supposed to have stats of the next expansion, and I never asked for them to match the stats of the current expansion.
    To completely ignore how glaringly overpowered the damage rating is on these weapons will have issues in my decision to further support this game, you are worried about loosing people by bringing them in line with the stated original intent, but you are missing the point of multiple posts, and the research done to show you what is wrong with them.
  3. Bearoco Member

    I'm a bit confused here by this statement. Why would you ask for us to give you exact items, with exact stats that are not desired, bugged, etc. if you can't adjust the items that people are bringing up? I mean this genuinely and not being facetious. Can you give us us an idea of what you can change and what can be updated with the bandwidth you do have? Then maybe we can make suggestions that can have more productive outcomes.
  4. Mint Loot Meddler

    I can look at the history of the Claymore rewards and see if one was changed dramatically from what is expected at some point.
    Adding the Mutagenic Outcast items to the list to see if the resists are incorrect somehow.

    We are looking for items that have never been adjusted, are bugged in some way (out-of-era, missing stats, etc), or are less-powerful than expected for progression (Heroic-tier gear rewarded from raids)
  5. Maergoth Well-Known Member

    This is the situation with the shield:

    First, it was changed from classic. Originally, it could block any hit, including melee. It was nerfed to only block spell damage, and triggers MAYBE twice a fight, often getting eaten by nothing. It also used to have a good damage component, reflecting instead of just being a damage shield. This was all changed, which.. Okay.

    But the current state of it also has less defensive stats than any competing shield, including protection. The block on it didn't even bring it up to higher protection than shields *without any block at all*. This has marginally changed, by a fraction of a fraction of a percentage of protection


    Comparing these two shields from classic KoS, those mitigation values were huge. The shield of wurms has nice resists, and could be used on the occasional fight for sure.

    .. So that brings us to the current shield options:


    However, in the modern era.. Shield of the Wurms just obliterates it. That 3.1 Max Health is worth ~600 HP, and the block on Qeynos Guard only brings it up to 1549 protection, 6 more than the shield of wurms. One could argue that we overvalue max health, but one cannot argue that 6 protection is more valuable than 3.1% max health.

    The icing on the cake is: by using the Qeynos Guard, you're prevented from equipping the Qeynos Cutlass, which carries better blue stats than the qeynos guard also, and a proc to reduce CA damage which provides more survivability than the QG block as well.

    And that's not even remotely touching on the hunters aspect, which is that hunters shield is going to make Qeynos Guard look T5 and be entirely unusable. Which is the vision for hunters anyway, I guess.

    Unrelated, but add a 6 meter minimum range to crossbow please. If you can't adjust the rating, at least make it not function in melee combat <3
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  6. Bearoco Member

    Ah okay. In the future, can we make sure to be specific about that in our posts? I'll try to make sure I focus my efforts there when I test for future expansions.

    In terms of itemization generally and a significant amount of complaints about "weights" of stats -- in particular, mitigation increase, block, haste, ae auto -- are there any chances of those being changed in the future? Or maybe they should be replaced on TLEs in favor of better stats like cast, reuse, ma, dps, max hp, and ability mod?

    If there's no chance of those being changed, I'd love some transparency there. People would stop asking/hounding about it and accept that reality.
  7. Maergoth Well-Known Member

    Seconded on revisiting the weights. They've been out of whack forever. Provably so. That's a top 5 itemization issue for sure.
  8. Zenji Well-Known Member

    Since fixing individual items is a bandwidth issue, what about just removing Hunter item rewards and replacing them with the Orange Adornment system you have on Tarinax already?
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  9. Steals New Member

  10. Steals New Member

    Doing some Looking I have found 4 items in Nizara, City of the Nayad with no stats.
    The items below are not classified as Treasured, Legendary or Fabled so they were likely missed on the Stat Randomizer.
    Nizari'ishi arm guard
    Nizari'kozu mantle
    Nizari'oshu pauldrons
    Nizari'zhi prayer gloves
  11. Kriemhild New Member

    \aITEM -639603140 534952753:Searcher's Ring\/a
    \aITEM 111742516 -331972251:Arms of Deep Reflection\/a

    Both from Janaris the Searcher, only drops off named in Forsaken City with three blue stats I can recall.
  12. Anib New Member

    I didnt even know it was nerfed that bad and was actually looking forward to get my 5% Stoneskin. What a disapointment once again. Please put the orginal buff back on!
    I'm not even sure why they needed to nerf it, probably because of some Liveserver stuff.
    Make the proc a 1/1 Turq Adorn that u can strip off. With 5% stoneskin on all inc damage,
    Slot: Shields only.
    Usable: Warrior/Crusader
    Only works in Shattered Lands/DoF/KoS/EoF and maybe RoK and TSO.
    This would make it a nice Item to go after even on lvl 80 for every Tank, but wouldnt effect higher-level content, or the precious live servers.
    (Yes wont happen, i know, becaus screw tanks anyway....)
  13. Mint Loot Meddler

    There are no plans to change Hunter's Union rewards for this content. I would suggest starting another thread or contributing to an existing one regarding possible alternate rewards so they can be considered for future expansion unlocks or server launches.

    I can dig into the shield changes. It is not likely I can edit item effects but I can make sure they are working as intended.


  14. Mint Loot Meddler

    Thank you once again everyone who took the time to respond to this thread. I will investigate all of the possible issues I have gathered from these posts and make adjustments as needed.

    This content unlocks on February 7th, however due to this downtime being a restart and not an update any changes based off of this feedback will not be available until the next hotfix or patch after unlock.

    Please do continue to feel free to report any bugs or problems as well to provide any feedback or thoughts about Fallen Dynasty, the Varsoon server, or TLE as a whole in the appropriate Bug or Feedback forums. We do read everything, although we do not always respond unless we can speak to an issue or contribute in some way.
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