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  1. Flibbity New Member

    The Brawler Claymore item, Marr's Fist, will be best in slot for a long part of EoF for heroic content, and with the next-exapc potency stats the weapon will be worn for a long part of that expansion. Can we please modify the casting speed blue stat to be MaxHP or block? It is currently a dead stat on a signature quest item. It would not be upsetting to any Monk or Bruiser on the server to see it corrected to a tank, or even melee relevant stat.

    \aITEM 1660082498 1808742188:Marr's Fist\/a

    Thank you.
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  2. Vuetee Member

    Looking from a Fury's perspective (somewhat selfishly):
    "Jale Phlintoe's Wildfire Hood" - modify block to either cast speed or reuse (in line with other caster-priest style stats)
    "Jale Phlintoe's Wildfire Boots" - adding a cast speed/reuse 4th stat to be in line with the rest of the set
    "Jale Phlintoe's Wildfire Sleeves" - changing Cast Speed for Ab Mod would probably be appropriate

    "Tunic of the Raging Storm" and "Boots of the Raging Storm" - same as above, changing cast speed for Ab Mod.

    Raging Storm 7 set bonus (and probably Totemic Etching 7 set bonus too): 10 ministration, 50 ability modifier - this is a little bit lame for a fully raid geared 7 set bonus really... I'd recommend changing it to 8 crit and 100 power, like the Templar 7 set bonus (Divination)

    A lot of this gear has next to no tank stats on it. Should really have Max HP and Block/Reuse/Ab Mod, given the Paladin is mostly typified by HP & some heals.

    Haste/Stale Slots (Charms)
    Perhaps more of an in-depth task, but some slots have gone a whole xpac without much love at all. For instance, most people are still using a crafted hex doll charm because, realistically, there's no upgrade in game. Most classes are using a charm from Claymore line and the hex doll. It's much easier to assess the class-specific armours, because they are pretty predefined... but not so easy to check charms, wrists, waist, cloak etc... Easy solution is to look at anything that has Haste on it (legendary/fabled), try to figure out it's use case based on other stats (class restrictions, DPS mod, casting speed etc.) and then put an appropriate complimentary 2nd stat there (ab mod, multi attack/flurry, reuse/cast speed).

    Raid Drops
    As a little bit of a side rant, I really appreciate the effort gone into here to sort this out. It would be nice to turn up to raids with a high chance of an upgrade dropping. Right now a guild can clear DT & Labs and get no upgrades, because well over half the drops are garbage (usually because: haste). Changing Haste on raid gear would go a looooong way to fixing that, but also considering increasing the number of drops slightly might be a good idea. After all, we are condensing what was a whole year worth of content into 2-4 months (depending on which mid content is associated with the xpac). Not saying to double or even triple the drops, but maybe 1 more item drop whenever there's 2 or more typically drop would be nice.
  3. Mint Loot Meddler

    Hey all,

    The beta server is up but my initial round of changes just missed being built. You should see quest item adjustments, including Soulfire Weapons, and some defensive pattern gear updates with the first possible update.

    My main focus now for Echos of Faydwer should be ensuring the availability of defensive pattern gear at large in the expansion, but particularly in raid tiers. I will also go through this thread and my feedback notes to see if there are any specific concerns I have not yet addressed that can be updated during the beta.

    Unfortunately after some review we are not going to be able to audit or adjust gear set effects for this release.
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  4. Boldac Active Member

    Any idea when we can expect to see the update for Beta?

    And, by "not going to be able to audit or adjust...for this this release" does that mean the release on beta or when EoF releases to Varsoon?
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  5. ASadSin New Member

    Hey Mint, are you still accepting feedback for item changes?
    I think the 2 items below need to be looked at ("Bloodthirsty Choker", "Hallow's Gallows")

    They should include a limitation on how often the item can damage the player wearing it. (See green underlined limitation example in the comparable items also below, "Horseman's Hallow", "Rune of Empyral Torment")

    The reasoning is because these effects---without a "limitation"---aren't compatible anymore with how much faster some classes are casting than they were years ago. Some classes might not even be able to equip it without dying even while being healed (for example, assassins, who have a faster recovery speed than others).
    Including this limitation would also make it more fair between different classes (for example, a scout will have a harder time wearing these items than a mage will because they cast faster).

    (I believe the "Bloodthirsty Choker" comes in Echoes of Faydwer. The "Hallow's Gallows" might be a bit later on, but it has the same issue so thought I'd point it out)

  6. Maergoth Well-Known Member

    Disagree. Let people kill themselves. People are casting *slower now* than they were originally, during EoF.
  7. Boldac Active Member

    Okay, so, beta was updated...but what exactly was updated?
  8. Zenji Well-Known Member

    Think you missed the mark. When the community asked for defensive stats on tank items, this isn't what we had in mind.
  9. Ashton New Member

    It might be an early easter egg that crossbows are being removed? Cause I don't think any tank wants to give up crossbow in ranged OR shield in off hand....
    /copium /s
  10. Liberal New Member


    While I do appreciate adding defensive stats at all - I feel as if block isn't a super great stat unless it's itemized in higher amounts for plate tanks. 2% block with the best protection shield in the game is only 0.4% more uncontested block.

    I would rather have max health on every single slot. Block won't save me through a large AOE when these mobs have hundreds of potency, and it's not particularly useful to any tank who wants to dual wield and not wear a shield.

    Avoidance is also not additive, as avoidance is a check which rolls parry/riposte first before block, and dodge after block.

    I am currently seeing around a 9% avoidance report from blocking in deathtoll on fitzpitzle with 18.6% uncontested block. Stacking block on every single piece at 2% would give me 8.4% more uncontested block.

    This accounts for a 4-5% higher avoidance report - and me dying to every short hand flurry on fitzpitzle.

    Feet are also still missing a fourth blue stat.

    Gladius has no "defensive pattern stats".
  11. Liberal New Member

    This item had max health removed in favor of block, looks like a pretty universal thing. Also please note it looks like gear from Throne of New Tunaria is not the correct raid tier. Looks like it's probably EOF Raid 1, i'd bump it up to raid 3. This zone has lower statted items than freethinkers hideout.
    • Echoes of Faydwer - Handcrafted: 1
    • Echoes of Faydwer - Solo 1: 1
    • Echoes of Faydwer - Solo 2: 1
    • Echoes of Faydwer - Solo 3: 1
    • Echoes of Faydwer - Mastercrafted: 1
    • Echoes of Faydwer - Heroic 1: 1
    • Echoes of Faydwer - Heroic 2: 2
    • Echoes of Faydwer - Heroic 3: 2
    • Echoes of Faydwer - Raid 1: 2
    • Echoes of Faydwer - Raid 2: 2
    • Echoes of Faydwer - Raid 3: 2
    • Echoes of Faydwer - Mythical: 2


    The resist issue we were seeing on MO gear appears to be hitting this gear as well. See 403 vs 280.

  12. Boldac Active Member

    Okay, so maybe I'm missing the point here, but why do all of the healer sets have 5 Max Health on their adornment 6 piece bonus?

    And yet, berserker has casting speed? Which sucks for them, since the other plate tanks have max health on theirs.

    I have to be missing something, maybe?
  13. Spiritus Praeteriti Member

    This is exactly what's wrong with these TLEs. If you're too afraid of killing yourself because you're a brainless one button masher like the rest of the upslope of the IQ bell curve here, then don't wear one. Problem solved.

    You're not confused or missing something, that's just the level of attention to detail and care they're putting into itemizing things.
  14. Liberal New Member

    RE set bonuses:

    We were told by fyreflyte on fallen gate that the team didn't have time to change these in 2018 beyond nerfing the few that were considered overpowered - like wizards getting more crit on their set than everyone else. On kaladim they didn't exist and were disabled.

    These will probably never be looked at/changed considering the same line is being sent out again.

    This also goes for the ROK/TSO set bonuses. ROK has a couple issues but the TSO ones were all fixed for stormhold.