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Discussion in 'General Feedback' started by Mint, Feb 24, 2023.

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  1. Mint Loot Meddler


    Echoes of Faydwer is coming up fast for Varsoon! Here is a designated space to share suggestions or concerns with EOF content, specifically items and rewards.

    What we are able to look into/follow up on before unlock:
    Quest, Dungeon, and other reward items that appear to be over/under powered or statted for the incorrect era
    Possible bugs with item sources
    Issues with past reitemization efforts that may have incorrectly changed item stats or moved rewards

    What we are not able to address before unlock based on feedback in this thread:
    Fundamental mechanics unique to the TLE servers or otherwise
    Spell or ability functionality/power (these concerns should be their own threads in the appropriate forum)
    Heroic or Raid boss mechanics

    If you have a concern you would like to share please be as specific as possible, including:
    The FULL NAME of the item in question (we are simply unable to work off of "that sword from the sig quest")
    What EXACTLY is the issue
    How it may be corrected, if needed

    Thank you for taking the time to help us make sure Varsoon continues to be the best TLE experience we can make it

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  2. Bearoco Active Member

    1. For the quest - A Freeport Overlord in Queen Lenya's Court - I'd recommend buffing these items to have stats in line with Ruins of Kunark. This will keep these signature items in line with changes already made to Godking and Claymore Weapons. Currently, these won't be great upgrades for a lot of classes unless this change is made.
    2. Fabled Tank Set Gear:
    Currently the following tank sets do not have tank stats, but are more in line with casters. These should be fixed by putting relevant stats like Max HP, Block, Mitigation Increase, and Reuse:
  3. Flibbity New Member

    I would also like to advocate for these sets, for tanks specifically but for everyone generally, to be addressed for relevant class stats as well. Everyone will be farming them for their legendary adornment sets already, but when this was live content these sets were one gateway for being able to complete raid content. It would be great if the tank sets could be made into adequately defensive material (and everyone's sets were relatively tuned to be in line with their classes).
  4. Bearoco Active Member

    Good catch! Below are links to the individual item. As suggested, lets make sure these have relevant tank stats like Max HP, Mit Increase, Block, Reuse

  5. Anib New Member

    Tbh relevant tank stat is max hp right now. The ratio on items of maxHp vs Block vs miti is too far off. I wont be trading a 3.x max hp item for a 1.x block item.
    So every Tank item must have max hp or it wont be wanted. If u bring up block or miti by x2/x3 it may be a trade off worth looking into, or decrease maxhp multiplier for all items, which would screw existing content and make people cry.
    So either make maxhp a must on every tank-set-item or increase block by a large amount.
    And yes, siganture items should be at least in line with hunters items.
  6. oakmiser Well-Known Member

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  7. Flibbity New Member

    A look through the loot database queried from EQ2Wire shows almost no cloaks in EoF that are max health for tanks as well.

    Most of the cloaks offered from the Deity quest lines seem appropriately stated, but may I suggest modifying the cloak from both Mithaniel Marr and Brell Serilis from being block stat to maxHP?

    \aITEM 251951550 685031901:Cloak of Valor\/a
    \aITEM -1608528974 -1158441643:Cloak of the Underfoot\/a

    I would also like to suggest that the Rallos Zek cloak, which will be used mostly be DPS classes, be changed to Multi-attack or ABMod instead of block:

    \aITEM 1264182596 -1661016974:War Mantle of Rallos\/a
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  8. Crabbok New Member

    I would be happy if we removed Haste and AE attack from any items until the quantities are 10 or more.
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  9. Crabbok New Member

    Was looking at the Bruiser set gear "Indomitable Set" - Considering bruisers are the more offensive focused brawler, it might be nice to see this set become more offensive in nature. Currently Ability Mod is the most desirable stat for DPS gear, so if every piece had Ability Mod, and a blend of other desirable stats, that would be idea. I would suggest Re-Use, Multi Attack, Flurry, and even a little Max HP. I'm not sure what the set bonus is currently as links are very old, and linking them in game doesn't tell me. (also please don't use AE attack, or Haste on gear anymore).
    Here's what I'd suggest -

    Skullcap of the Indomitable - AB Mod and Multi Attack
    Tunic of the Indomitable AB Mod and Max HP
    Shoulder Pads of the Indomitable AB Mod and Re Use
    Wristguards of the Indomitable AB Mod and Multi Attack
    Gloves of the Indomitable AB Mod and Flurry
    Pants of the Indomitable AB Mod and Max HP
    Boots of the Indomitable AB Mod and Flurry

    For Set Bonus -
    3 - Focus Roundhouse - This is fine - Blaze kick might be better though
    5 - Focus - Please don't let this affect Smoldering Fists - bruisers NEVER use offensive stance. It simply doesn't work at all and is reduces DPS. Improve Shrug Off, or Knockout Combination, or if it needs to be a stance, have it improve Bodyguard.
    7 - Multiattack or Flurry bonusses here are fine.

    While doing similar but converse stuff for Monk Set, have Max HP + Mitigation on an item or 2, Max HP and Block, and maybe 1 or 2 DPS centric items.
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  10. Liberal Member

    Hi, thanks for checking out items.

    Most of the itemization is actually really solid now that mod has been upped, set bonuses have been added, and reuse/cast has been reduced across the board compared to kaladim.

    There was not much of a reason to run instanced content at all on Kaladim considering you could buy off the broker gear that was better than raid loot, or -8 mod from its raid counterpoint.

    This key issue has been mostly resolved. It would be nice to see a flat increase to the raid 1/2/3 tiers from the heroic gear. Heroic/Raid gear is still a bit too close that players will wear heroic jewelry over raid jewelry unless stats are perfectly tuned, or it's not level 70 requiring them to use a last tier adornment.

    I feel like most players don't care that much about a pair of boots having casting speed vs reuse when the focus can instead be on making key items from TNT/EH/Avatars really lucrative and fun.

    The idea of tank gear being tank gear has been beat to death already but I'd like to point out that jewelry can hopefully also be shifted to be "tanky".

    Items like this are tank in nature due to the proc, but the stats leave little to desire for really anyone in raid. I can't think of a single class that would like a casting/multi earring, considering the alternatives.

    This ear is from Emerald Halls, and I believe it should have tank stats, the proc should be scaled up.

    This cloak is from the clockwork menace, it's a great cloak but this mob only drops one item per box. Convincing your entire raid to go into Klak'anon and get the key takes quite a bit of time to gamble on getting one item.

    Especially considering 1/2 the time you get nothing of value, compared to blowing up FTH/TNT/EH/MMIS in that same timeframe it takes can generate 5-6 pieces of loot and you don't have to zone.

    Suggestion: Please shift all of clockwork menace's loot up to the highest raid tier, and add a second drop to the box. This would also be a neat fight to be difficult


    As a more general note, the same suggestion really applies that has been stated since DOF. Haste/AE Auto/DPS mod are not itemized in high enough amounts to be lucrative and worthwhile to use over ability mod, reuse, or casting speed.

    Players will just vender any items with these stats as there is more than typically a heroic item that may have less potency/crit/sta/primary, but has the stats that they actually want.

    On Fallen Gate you had 30 haste/dps mod equal to 200 mod with Fyreflyte itemization, I'm not sure how we now have 4.1 haste = 62 mod with the new updated formula. Please update the amounts haste/dps/ae auto appear on gear in their amounts by about 200%.

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  11. Maergoth Well-Known Member


    I'm not saying every item needs to replicate its old self. But I am saying that the primary draw of this item was the great bonus to uncontested block, which can't be replicated by current itemization. That stat just doesn't exist.

    So to compensate, adjust based on what I have written in the image:

    Going from a shield with 1000 protection to a shield with 1400 protection gives ~5% block chance.
    The "block chance" blue stat is a percentage modifier to the protection on the shield.

    Giving ~450 block (compensating for being further into the curve) would grant ~4-5% additional block chance from 1450 to 1850.

    To gain 450 block with a 1650 shield, you'd need 25-30% block chance on the soulfire gladius outright.

    Put +30% block chance blue stat on it and see how it goes. Keeping in mind that all mobs (@gninja) seem to have 60% strikethrough now, so getting less than half of your avoid anyway.

    Unrelated note, if you're going to itemize tank gear to be an upgrade over other tank gear, do consider putting resists on it. Some of the MO loot is worse than cube loot because it has no resists.
  12. oakmiser Well-Known Member

    Delivery to prungo
    Samples with side revenge
    A necessary component
    Lord Falish
    Additional samples
    Hexed and vexxed
    Entering the veil
    Drawing out the cazi
    Missing somborn supplies
    The dire wolf whisperer (both of them)
    Snakes in the plains
    Collars of the ahroun
    Claws in the darkness
    The league
    Experimentation most foul

    Those are all quest names from in The Loping Plains that give items equivalent to KoS loot.
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  13. Mint Loot Meddler

    Just wanted to chime in and say thanks everyone who has posted so far, lots of actionable feedback to follow up on.

    There is a bit more time before everything needs to be delivered but we are working on a deadline. If you have any suggestions that haven't yet been touched on please be sure to get them posted!
  14. DemonNfrendz New Member

    Basically just came here to upvote and bump this train of thought. Mix and matching for most of these with the Max HP, Block, Mitigation Increase, and Reuse would be super.

    I would go a step further and put my own personal bias's in terms of traditional tank "types":

    "Warrior" (Guardians in particular, though the argument could be made for their Berserker Counterpart) line of tanks where the only thing they really bring to the table is being the meatiest of shields in terms of taking damage should have Max HP on basically all of their end item gear, especially class specific, as it seems to have the greatest impact over the Mitigation. If a choice had to be made between those two stats on the "Fabled" variant raid set should have the Max HPs.

    "Knight" (Paladins probably a bit more than SK's) tanks you could probably get away with mix and matching a bit more with Max HP's / Block / Reuse / ABmod, especially once that AA comes out that gives the Paladins 24% static block. Think most SK's aren't going out of their way for full Max HP sets as they're still able to dish out some decent AE damage with some ABmod and other stats.

    "Brawler" line of tanks you could probably be a bit more flexible with in terms of Max HP and Block / Avoidance type stats.

    Looking forward to the fun in EoF!
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  15. Boldac Active Member

    I see a lot of talk about the soulfire gladius being adjusted to be more tank friendly. Any chance of getting the sabre adjusted away from abmod toward MA and Flurry to be more friendly for scouts?
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  16. Boldac Active Member

    While we're talking about tweaking Soulfire, can we also adjust the Lucanic versions to match the stat sets?

    That way when people make their choice they know what stats they will be getting with the upgrade. Would really suck for someone to choose one weapon based on the stats only to find out when they get the upgrade it is a totally different set of stats.
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  17. Liberal Member

    Looks like all the "set" boots don't have four blue stats, the remainder of the gear sets (forearms, gloves, etc) do - and random boots that drop through the remaining heroic zones. This is twelve pairs that seem to be affected.


    Lots of items look to be level 65-68 in heroics and items are all level 70 in KOS. Please adjust these items to level 70 so people can slot adornments from the current tier into these items.

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  18. Maergoth Well-Known Member

    Scouts most likely want ABMod over MA/Flurry unless something changes drastically with auto attack damage. ABMod + Flurry/Reuse would be bis
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  19. Boldac Active Member

    I'd love to see a set like that. Curious how it would parse vs the MA/Flurry I keep seeing people with.
  20. Sadoc Member

    How will we know if these items change? Will it be in a patch note or something?
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