[Varsoon] DoF XP Issue

Discussion in 'General TLE Discussion' started by Angeliana, Sep 13, 2022.

  1. Angeliana Senior Community Manager

    We are aware of the XP issue with DoF on Varsoon and it is being looked into. Please do not turn in anything for XP until further notice!
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  2. Arisune Fallen Gate New Member

    Thank you, will there be a roll back for those who did unknowingly turn in?
  3. Angeliana Senior Community Manager

    As soon as I have more information, I will be sure to post it for everyone. :)
  4. Angeliana Senior Community Manager

    Varsoon is open. Thank you for your patience.
  5. Spectre Active Member

    Thanks! I guess it would be hard getting to 60 without xp =P
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  6. Angeliana Senior Community Manager

  7. JanEQ Active Member

    Double-check to make sure that your Exp to AA slider isn't set to 100% ... that catches a lot of people when a xpac is released that increases the max adventure level
  8. Sweety D Member

    There is no AA with the DOF expansion. But good tip for later on.
  9. JanEQ Active Member

    Good to know. My Varsoon toon is still something like level 6? maybe 9