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    Hello all! <Decisive Gamers> on Varsoon is looking for more to come have fun leveling and raiding with us! We run TLPs on Everquest 1 as well, primarly on Selo where went all the way up to Call of the Forsaken. We are looking to make a foothold in this server as well. We are what I would consider super casual on this game though as we only raid 1 day a week, possible to add more as people join...currently have about 2 groups worth of raiders. Currently looking for all classes but obviously healers would be great.

    Raid nights: 9:30pm EST Thursdays
    Loot Rules: Currently just 1 win per with roll but switching to dkp if we get more people.

    Raids are completely optional.

    Come hangout and get to know us on Discord! We are a multi-gaming community that is one of the largest in the EQ community and offer, not just a home in EQ, but other various games as well such as WoW retail/Lost Ark/DnD/etc.

    Discord: https://discord.gg/nkmkchT
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    Starting DoF raiding soon!