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    Vantage on Maj'Dul is recruiting casual players and raiders for RoS content.

    We are looking for casual players of any class to join our ranks. The more, the merrier!

    Raid roster: We are primarily looking for a bard.
    We are open for applications from these classes: mystic, enchanter.

    We raid saturdays and sundays
    • from 11 am to 4 pm EST (UTC-5)
    • from 5 pm to 10 pm CET (UTC+1)
    • from 12 midnight to 5 am HKT (UTC+8)
    Applicants for raid spots are expected to meet the following criteria:

    (1) General
    • Sound knowledge of your class and basic game mechanics.
    • Competitive mindset and will to improve.
    • Utilization of Discord and ACT (Advanced Combat Tracker).
    (2) Character
    • Adequate character advancement overall (Lvl 120/350 AA, adorned & reforged gear etc.)
    • Spells, combat arts and ascensions at least at expert. Ascension level 10 self buff upgraded to Celestial during trial period.
    • Epic 2.0 abilities at ancient.
    • HQ for Goblinskull Earring completed.
    • 20 RoS prestige points
    • Stats: 800m+ hitpoints, 400+ fervor, 300k+ potency.
    If you're interested in joining us, please visit our website for more information.

    In game contact: Maj_Dul.Lynch, Maj_Dul.Ermis, Maj_Dul.Drauhia
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  3. Coriel Active Member

    Maldura cleared. Come, join us!
  4. Sounson Active Member


    Weekend morning raiding needs berserker (or any OT), dirge, defiler, illusionist, swash, and mystic.

    Exceptional players can apply for any class, try and take my spot!
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    Bump. Need illusionist, shaman, beserker, swashbuckler. Weekend morning raids! Drink coffee and kill stuff. Up to last 4 mobs of the xpac.
  7. Easiette Member

    Bumb. 2 mobs left, bring some resolve
  8. Easiette Member

    Still looking for active raiders that fit our raid schedule, 1 mob to go!
  9. Coriel Active Member

    A few spots open, join us!
  10. Coriel Active Member

    ToT cleared, still looking for an assassin, an illusionist and a templar!
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  12. Coriel Active Member

    Looking for a swashbuckler, templar and an illusionist.
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  14. Coriel Active Member

    We're wrapping up tier 3 content, join us now!
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    Bump, especially for another healer or two.
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