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    Vanguard is a level 100 raid guild on Thurgadin and looking for more to join.RAID TIMES Wed/Thur/Sun at 19:00-22:00 GMT (UK time) / 20:00-23:00 CET

    Classes we currently require

    Various classes

    Level 100 with 350 AA,


    Our style is casual and we have a relaxed approach to raiding and a few laughs along the way whilst still trying to progress.

    The Guild

    The guild is active and we have many social members with some daytime activity and groups most nights of the week and a good mix of players, a T3 fully equiped guild hall with all the crafting and transportation facilities you could need.

    Raiding with us

    We use the DKP system for raid loot items.
    Ventrilo & Raidhub(Raid Helper) are used within the game these are free and downloaded if you have never used them don't worry we can help you out.
    A working knowledge of English language is essential for all raiders

    Attendance we look for min 70%.
    We expect you know how to play your class and to listen and learn quickly if you're new to raiding.

    Casual/Social players that can spot fill without commiting to full time raiding (3 nights a week) are always welcome although raid slots cannot be guarantee'd for social casual players.

    Our progression so far:

    Our website:


    To get in contact send Kanvan or any officer online a tell
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    Please link the new website on here. Laptop died and cant find it on google to post!
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