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    <V I I Gaming>


    We are a community of gamers across several MMOs.

    Most of our community members are in their late twenties to mid thirties but we do have some young players and, of course, quite a few older players. 18+ only.

Time is the major constraint of our company. Many of us are Moms and Dads with jobs and families and, well LIFE to deal with. We also support active duty Military and Veterans. Completely Equal Opportunity but non political, all are welcome to join us in any and all of the games we have communities in.

    We rest assured that our transition to the next expansion or next game will be done together with great people we know in a community that has been successful for over three years. 

    Family. Friendship. Loyalty. 

    Where do you fit into all of this?
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    We are no longer coming to EQ or EQ2 because we have many military players specifically those in IT that use VM Ware technology and SOE actively bans those that use such technology. Thank you for your interest. All are welcome to join us for the other games we do support.