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Discussion in 'PvP & Battlegrounds' started by Cynergy, Jan 7, 2013.

  1. Cynergy Active Member

    I want to Create a Thread of all the Class abilities that Do Nothing, or near nothing in Pvp
    Also suggestions on what they should do.
    This is just off the top of my head, so please add to the list.
    Inquisition PVE - Forces an enemy to radiate heals to your allies. The closer your allies are to that enemy, the greater the heals.
    Inquisition PVP- NOTHING (No reason it shouldn't do exact same thing as PVE)
    Punishments PVE- For each Punishment spell that triggers on an enemy, that enemy is forced to heal the nearest of the Inquisitor's allies.
    Punishment PVP-NOTHING (No reason shouldn't do the exact same thing as PVE)
    Focus Casting PVE -Increases Doublecast chance of caster by 100.0 % .Roots caster. Prevents caster from being interrupted
    Focus Casting PVP- Roots caster. Prevents caster from being interrupted
    Focus Casting PVP Change -Prevents caster from being interrupted
    Prevents caster from being interrupted do to movement.
    Time Warp PVE - allows the group to have their spells double attack for five seconds along with increasing the amount of triggers and ticks of their spells. Time Warp takes five seconds to prepare once cast.
    Time Warp PVP- Useless
    Time Warp PVP Change- Resets the reuse on the groups last spell cast.
    Increase the triggers on spells and equipment by 20%
  2. acoloss Member

    brilliant idea..

    looking at focus casting, i don't know if having another cast and run buff without being interrupted is a good idea.. with mystical field and that, they would be really difficult to kill.

    Time warp needs improving, probably better than you suggested.. maybe 50% proc increase.


    Lend Shielding STA Line :- 5 second increase to block chance by 100% (this isn't 5 seconds of immunity to melee, it just increases blockchance by 100%)
    Maybe 30 seconds would be better..
    or, how it was originally, it blocks the next melee attack only.

    Poison Concoction (agi? not 100% sure).. the noxious DoT which procs off melee should be a buff that you can cast, so you can turn it off when soloing (as it breaks mez)

    BladeDance -- in pvp it has been reduced to 10 seconds..... but.. has a 5 minute recast (with 100% reuse?)... i'm sure swashys and wardens AoE immunities have a much shorter reuse.

    Messengers Letter - Bard AA - if it had a duration it would be worth using.


    Alins - degro song -- does nothing in pvp except gives a 100 dmg proc.
  3. Cynergy Active Member

    Well they could lower the duration a bit on Focus casting than. IF not cast while moving than at least kickback immunity
    As for time warp it could also make your next cast, instant cast.

    Edit: but i guess that would almost make it so you have one spell doublecast. the instant cast might be to op
  4. acoloss Member

    i think 1 spell doublecast would be good.. or even 2 triggers of spell doublecast
  5. Exur Well-Known Member

  6. Cynergy Active Member

    The trigger increase is meh, hardly noteworthy
  7. Exur Well-Known Member

    For an enchanter it is... and I guess some other mages and healers. But it's my spell and it does help me alot. As much as I miss how it was, it was pretty OP silly.
  8. Cynergy Active Member

    It was op, and Imo even one spell doublecasting is borderline op when you can choose which one.
    But the pvp version is luaghable compared to the pve version
  9. acoloss Member

    it does need to do something for group pvp.. increase trigger chance of spells and items is best idea i think
  10. Exur Well-Known Member

    as long as they don't mess with increase spell triggers, add whatever you want. Take that away for increase trigger chance (%) and I'd be po'ed. It's also only 5 seconds, with a 5 second warning. 5 seconds of increase % that you can't time/control anyway seems kind of pointless imho. If you don't think it's amazing for enchanters DPS, you're nuts. They basically nerfed it's group usage, but for a chanter it's great.
  11. acoloss Member

    probably need to be 50% increase to procs.. as it's for the burst anyway, so any extra dmg would be better than doing almost nothing..

    I can imagine it's good for Exur solo :)
  12. Seliri Well-Known Member

    definitely go through...

    --> <-- GU #67? 68? Qeynos Rises...

    ...still sooo phunnking outraged that they nerfed doom judgement's dispel...

    guardians/berserkers provide so much more utlity while still putting out comparable DPS to crusaders

    (still a LVL 92 COE-less nub, but from what ive seen...)

    & brawlers used to offer more DPS & more survivability but their dps has been nerfed a bit...not 100% on objective perspective with brawlers though.

    i mean WHAT THE HECK, look at beastlords, assassins, rangers, wizards, warlocks, necromancers, swashbucklers -- off teh chartz incompliance!!

    i think ive even seen a lot of bards out-DPS crusaders geared better than me. yeesh.

    & maybe even conjies? unless conjies are mega noob now.

    just mentioning because i do NOT think there was a sound argument for doom judgement's dispel being at all imbalanced or overpowered.
  13. Seliri Well-Known Member

    you forgot

    Charm PvE - Converts enemy into Troubador's pet.

    Charm PvP - No longer charms.

    Charm PvP Change - Actually should charm.
  14. acoloss Member

    definitely :)
    i'd cut a finger off to get charm back..

    or at the least.. make the spell do something other than mez, which takes too long to cast, easily interrupt-able, can't cast on the run, and lasts a very short duration.
  15. LordVeredeth Active Member

    You forgot... Reduce the damage of Plaguebringer by 50%, Reduce Divine Guidance to 5 triggers, & no longer allow spells casted before pvp combat is entered to gain their pve duration >.<
  16. Cynergy Active Member

    Except Divine Guidance is cra-ppy enough at 10 triggers in 8 secs. its just the before combat thing that makes it nice.
    plague bringer inst even that nice at lvl 95. at lower lvls its pretty nice tho
  17. Seliri Well-Known Member

    /agree, DG was nerfed too much

    or not, i dunno, i suppose top tier, raid geared clerics r still quite raypea

    phunnkin' owch brah

    dont think id cut off a finger for classic charm =[

    although if you were gonna do it id try to talk you out of it for 3 hrs & that's it

    they'll come out with bionic fingers brah.

    they'll come out with them... ;|
  18. Cynergy Active Member

    yes get bionic fingers so you can press moar buttons faster!
  19. LordVeredeth Active Member

    Was joking. Plaguebringer was a PITA when it could double cast with Focus Casting. Not so bad anymore. Would be nice to have all spells/abilities that are casted before PvP combat be converted to PvP duration/effect as soon as you enter PvP combat though.
  20. LordVeredeth Active Member

    Please do not ever bring back the charm & evac era. While we are on the subject though, reduce the duration of Veil of Notes. In fact, reduce the duration of all abilities that make classes indefinitely stoneskin, parry, or in any other way prevent certain damage sources from being done indefinitely. It creates serious balance issues.

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