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Discussion in 'Dirge' started by ARCHIVED-Twitterpook, Dec 18, 2004.

  1. ARCHIVED-Twitterpook Guest

    I know this is obvious, but spend the time to get these. Some are hard to get, like any out of Advanced Scholar 15. But, at lvl 18 my Piercing Shriek does 100-145 per shriek.

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  2. ARCHIVED-Wesmoor Guest

    I disagree. At 18 even that adept 1s is still orange.

    At 18 my DD song hit for 1xx consistantly and wasn't Adept.

    Adept 3 at early levels is just going to burn more power and do about the same damage as a spell that cons correctly with your level.

    My general rule buy upgrades when you see them for sale. Scribe them when they are no longer orange. But if you like it, go right ahead.
  3. ARCHIVED-Rhanyc Guest

    I know tis is a bit off line, but what about pets?
    You cal them up only one time and they work for hours at best. Are they weaker if ya call them up at orange level? If so, how much?
  4. ARCHIVED-Salwena Guest

    scribing the adept when your spell is no longer orange will not make it orange again. the con of the spell shows that it still have many lvls to improve. the app lvl (or adept lvl) adds a "perceived" level when casting the spell. (remember jam fest in eq1) therefore, if you are lvl 15 and you have an app1 you are casting the spell as if you were a lvl 14 (thus doing less damage and getting resisted alot more) if you have app3 you are casting it as if you were a lvl 16. so scribing an adept at lower lvl will increase its damage.
  5. ARCHIVED-Asolandri Guest

    I will say this: adept 3s are way worth it if you can afford them. I now have Clara's and Harl's at level 24 and they rock. I had made them at level 23. When I dinged 24 I scribed Clara's. On the very next mob, the group I was in said "Wow! We killed that one fast." When I hit 24.6 I scribed Harl's. I don't know what it does at lower levels, but at adept 3 it gave +25 to str, sta, and agi, plus an unknown amount of "plus to damage potential" Again there was a noticable speed difference in killing mobs. We were killing goliaths in Thundering Steppes, and they were going down quick. So, if you can, invest. The difference is very noticable.
  6. ARCHIVED-Rungar Guest

    ill say this,

    master 1 daros doleful dirge is god.

    i went from having trouble soloing a lv 32 yellow to full health soloing the same lv 32 turtle, just by upgrading that spell from app1 to master 1.

    i dont have any adept 3's, but i assume they are close to effectiveness as the master.
  7. ARCHIVED-Lornick Guest

    I know master scrolls aren't farmable by any means, but out of morbid curiosity how'd you come across that one?
  8. ARCHIVED-Rungar Guest

    traded it with a sk for a sk master around the same level.
  9. ARCHIVED-Griz Guest

    IIRC adept1 is +20

    there is a point of diminishing returns, and with adept1 costing ~50s and adept3 costing 5g or more, adept3 isn't worth it for the small increase in power

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