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Discussion in 'Tradeskills' started by Cisteros, Jun 25, 2013.

  1. Cisteros Active Member

    So I have alts with a couple of Visionary Azure items made with a refined rare. If I was to use these refined Visionary items in the creation of the upgraded version that uses the droped mats + the Azure item, would the new item have the improved stats from the refined/Visionary of the original item, or would it create an item with that had the same stats of one made with a base item that was not experimented on or used a refined rare?
  2. Tineren Active Member

    If you do a second combine on a refined item, the result is alo refined (that's true even for imbued/blessed mastercrafted items). As far as I know experimented stats will not carry over and you. Will have to re-experiment.
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  3. Cisteros Active Member

    Thanks, One out of two isn't bad I guess
  4. Estred Well-Known Member

    My issue with these new items is that there are no ones for EM-Raiders. The Visionary Tempered Azure Gear is roughly equal to EM-Raid Armor and one hell of a nuisance more to make though it is tradable. I loved how Skyshrine had a Raid-Researcher for EM-Raiders to gain HM-Like items without HM-Raiding, but only for select slots, thus you could get 2-3 pieces of HM-Quality gear to help your raidforce, but you still had to HM-Raid to gear up.

    In this new progression well, there is no place. I still use a Skyshrine Refined, Visionary Shoulder for my HM-Guardian :/ that I worked my behind off to get all the mats and craft it myself. I feel very much rewarded for that 1 item. I really like the idea of 1-2 tier breaking items that are crafted, it adds a good reason to tradeskill.
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  5. Nebula Member

    You make the first items refined, they'll be refined ingredients when you come to use them for the Tempered.
    You can even experiment on the first items and they're still recognised ingredients for the upgrade equipment.
    The experimentations will not carry over though, you have experiment on the upgraded item anew.
  6. Arieste Well-Known Member

    I agree with this. Although i gotta say, for my warlock, the mage azure ring is definitely better than any EM ring. With the proper experimentation and adornments (inc green), i get +1500 permanent amod out of that one item.
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  7. Estred Well-Known Member

    The Ring is one exception, though I doubt I will replace \aITEM -1845832512 -1453798444:Band of Planar Scrutiny\/a which is what I use. So it's a matter of where you are in progression but I really would love new Raid-Tradeskilled items for people who are between EM and HM, and PoW is technically still Challenge Mode content, it's harder than most fights save the End-Game CoE stuff.

    Commanders requires more skill than Amalgamon, in my opinon. Almal is just a DPS check with a few extra flairs (move the add, burn the add). Commanders has 1 group almost flawlessing (Corpsemaul) and the other doing jousts, adds, curses and crystals (Goreslaughter). For a force that is "just" at those fights for the first time and just barely able to kill them, I would say Commanders is the better made fight. I know I enjoy it more.

    Back to the Azure Items, there need to be Fabled ones that have 171 base stats that can then be refined (188) and Experimented on (206) as HM-Gear is 212-220 now. Just as a ballpark for the stat that is easy to calculate off the top of my head.
  8. Cisteros Active Member

    The rings made with components from advanced duo zones only have 211 or 214 stats IIRC, and are no-experiment, so I think your suggestion for the tier below brings the lower tier too close to the rings that are supposed to be best in slot
  9. Estred Well-Known Member

    What about the effects and CB/PoT. Crafted items typically have lower % stats unless you use 2 Experiments on them to raise by 15%

    To get to the 206 Stat level you have to use 2 Experiments, so you don't have the ability to raise % stats as high as those rings. Those rings also have better effects. Not everything is a green-stat.
  10. Cisteros Active Member

    Agree to disagree sir.

    I wish you well
  11. Estred Well-Known Member

    That is completely fine, I wish you well too.

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