Update Notes: Tuesday September 27, 2016

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  1. Bunji Developer

    Veeshan's Peak [Raid]
    Silverwing can no longer charm more than 3 players at a time.

    Corrected an issue with the battlegrounds quests not completing correctly when a match is won.

    Fixed an issue that showed an erroneous percentage based damage effect on several abilities.
    Corrected a bug that caused fervor to apply to the base spell value on wards instead of the modified value. Fervor will not display in ward tool-tips, but will now correctly modify the final ward value.
    Corrected a bug that was causing several abilities and items to display erroneous requirements.
    Corrected an issue that would cause Repent to apply for zero when it critically hit in any case where the caster had zero crit modifier.

    Several items from Veeshan's Peak have had their Fabled status restored.
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