Update Notes: Tuesday September 17, 2019

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    • The different versions of the Duality's Vigilant Sanctum listed on the door in The Sundered Frontier are now labeled, this should make it less confusing for those who have more than one version available to them.
    • Deep Chelsith: Vault of Omens [Solo] corrected an issue that prevented portals from spawning.

    • Kelethin: Dread Wolves - Journal entry for completed quest is now accurate.
    • A Mother's Cry - All possible egg shard spawn points are now above ground.

    • Hunter's Union items have been updated to be itemized at stat levels from the expansion after the one in which they initially become available in.
    • Familiar Training Potions no longer state that each familiar level increases statistic bonuses by 20% as that is no longer true for season six familiars.
    • Heavy Wand of the Bold Crusade no longer requires ammo.
    • Chronicler's Shoes of Fervor Overcap is now correctly named Chronicler's Shoes of Fervor
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