Update Notes: Tuesday October 20, 2020

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  1. Asterix Developer

    • The Shadow Odyssey expansion unlocks on the Kaladim server.

    • a galorian totem - Item is now correctly named.
    • Mold Reaper's Icon - Typo in name has been corrected.
    • Articulator's Greatsword - Item name has been changed to better fit the weapon appearance.
    • Itemsets that modify spells will now drop those modified spells when the itemset is broken.
    • Marrowgut's Blocker and Idol of the Broken Toe have been brought into the correct progression.
    • Stratigos Longbow may now be infused.

    • Barrel of Salted Meat - Recipe now only requires 1 solidified ethereal filament, as intended.
    • Nights of the Dead
      • Fixed an issue where Oveerseer quests would not be properly given if the an account had Membership, but did not have the Blood of Luclin expansion enabled.
    • Turned off visual and sound effects of the Mercenary Battalion buff
    • Shades of Drinal: Devoted Knowledge - Venox Tarkog will no longer allow his grudge about being killed in "Even the Score" to stop him from assisting in your search for the Relic of Fate.
    • Traveler's Feast – Rivervale Ratatouille - Tagglefoot Zucchini is now correctly named.

    • Solusek's Eye: The Calling [Raid]
      • Ayquini the Firemind no longer continues to shuffle hate while Scorion is split.
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