Update Notes: Tuesday November 29, 2016

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  1. Bunji Developer

    Lost City of Torsis: The Spectral Market [Heroic]
    • Adds in the Merchant Caniz encounter should respawn slightly slower.

    Crypt of Dalnir: Baron's Workshop [Heroic and Solo]
    • Placing the Main Valve Lever and pulling it to open the slime grate will no longer cause smaller races to be stuck with a MAIN VALVE LEVER IN THEIR HEADS.

    Kaesora: Xalgozian Stronghold
    • Colonel Gozier should no longer port you out of the world.

    Lost City of Torsis: Ashiirian Court [Raid]
    • Lord Ghiosk will now be guarding the library once again.

    Only owners of the City of Mist Waterfront Estate may now change the water level in the home.

    Increased the amount of resolve Mercenaries gain from equipped gear.

    Corrected an issue that prevented bleedthrough from affecting shared group wards.

    • Corrected the damage on the non-upgraded Curuvar'Renda effect.
    • Removed the incorrect status value description from the Mercenary: Claz'zakla unlock coin.
    • Corrected the issue that prevented the Fervor on Curuvar'Renda from applying.
    • Corrected the description on Warding Ebb and Acidic Blast poisons to reflect that they increase damage done to the target, not reduce.
    • Handcrafted items from Terrors of Thalumbra and Kunark Ascending are once again properly listed as Handcrafted.

    • Arcanna'se Spire: Repository of Secrets [Heroic and Solo]: Lost Knowledge will update for the entire group when returning books and scrolls.
    • Kunark Ascending: Seeking Reassurance - Quest journal now more clearly indicates the need to speak with others before Chosooth will reveal himself.
    • Ghosts and Gooblins - The Sarnak spirit (an Obulus remnant) now respawns for those needing to save Wreek.
    • Ghosts and Gooblins - The gooblin now respawns for those searching the Mutation Hall for Ghawg.
    • Eye in the Mist - A proper error message is now displayed when group member does not qualify for shared quest.
    • The public quest Long Live the Emperor may now only be started once every 30 minutes.
    • Lucky to be Alive - Quest completion text now accurately describes the undead in the upper levels of High Keep.
    • Lingering Forces of Ancient Deities - Collection name is now spelled correctly.

    • Fixed a bug where item stats were not properly applying to character exports.
    • Fixed a bug where some attributes on characters exported to census would not include buffs from spells.
    • Fixed a bug where resists would not be properly exported in some census exports.
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  2. Domino Well-Known Member

    • Players who deleted "The Final Blow" after completing the book collection quest and then became stuck because they are unable to complete the collection quest a second time should speak to Researcher Thelxik again. (NOTE: YOU SHOULD NEVER NEED TO DELETE THIS QUEST. If you run out of rune conduits, you will magically get more when you approach a statue to try again.)
    (somehow this fix didn't get called out in these update notes - apologies!)
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