Update Notes: Tuesday, November 26, 2013

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    Currency can no longer be moved directly to the shared bank from the Currency tab. You will need to move it to a bag first and then to the shared bank.
    Corrected an issue where a player would not receive Ornate Crate of Goods if their group loot options were set to Fabled+.

    Ground mounts can now be used in Sleeper's Tomb: The Forgotten Catacombs and Chelsith: The Ancient Vault.

    Vesspyr Isles
    Many named NPCs in this zone were adjusted to have more health and less melee damage. Additionally, several of their non-functional spells were fixed.

    Accursed Sanctum: Guardian of Adherence
    Lowered health of sanctum enforcers.
    Increased the variance of which these adds will mem-wipe so that there is less chance of them doing it all at once.
    Lowered damage output of custodial architect.

    Construct Color spells now persist through death and zoning.
    Truespirit Rift now properly heals raid members.

    Infectious Dissonance now caps at 20 times the maximum health of the target of Exuberant Encore.

    Siphon Essence now properly modifies Leach Touch when applied to Reaper's Touch.

    Fixed a typo in Rarthek's Scale Bracelet.
    A Pair of Ancient Gold Flecked Rubies is no longer a stackable item.
    Rare drop offensive armor with no stamina now contains the descriptive text indicating what gems can be used to upgrade it.
    Flow Break now properly shows that it dispels when a healing spell is used.
    Talan's Casting Necklace pattern can now be consumed correctly.
    The Finisher now shows that it only modifies abilities.
    Plundered Mistmoore Secrets once again inflicts the right amount of damage.

    The final craft for the weekly tradeskill mission has been made significantly more difficult.

    Those who have completed “Sent for Savtek,” will receive a piece of mail from Veasna. He will then offer a quest which will walk players through the gem upgrader mechanic.
    Dissatisfied with Qeynos: Sprockfuddle now properly updates this betrayal quest.
    Comforting Confections: Required quest items will now persist when you leave and re-enter the corresponding grotto zone.
    Blooming Good Tea: Required quest items will now persist when you leave and re-enter the corresponding grotto zone.
    Vision of Scale: Making a talon root paste and consuming the paste are both group updates now. If one player completes the task, all group mates on the same step will get credit.
    Found quests in heroic dungeons should now reward slightly more coin when completed.
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