Update Notes: Tuesday November 24, 2020

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  1. Thordalf Developer

    • Mercenary Battalion: Blood of Luclin (Singing Steel) will grant an increased bonus once the Reign of Shadows achievement has been obtained.

    • Fixed an issue where pet data could show on wrong character in the group member UI if the "move up/down" commands were used.

    • Ergrott, Cerulean Terror will grant an increased bonus once the Reign of Shadows achievement has been obtained.
    • House items from the Sanctus Seru Promenade Furniture Recipes are now correctly classified as building blocks.
    • Removed spell doublecast from the following items:
      • Abyssal Boots
      • Abyssal Sabatons
      • Aesitharinar
      • the Disintegrator
      • Armguards of Castigation
      • Barrier of Swirling Spirits
      • Blazing Effigy of Najena's Lava Elemental
      • Bloodied Buckler of Sagacity
      • Boots of the Frostwight
      • Buckler of the Lost
      • Carved Figurine of the Elements
      • Carved Sculpture of the Lost
      • Chill Forged Iron Stompers
      • Chill Forged Ringmail Bracers
      • Coercer's Cap, Coif of Madness
      • Cossock of the Inquisition
      • Flaming Effigy of a Lava Elemental
      • Focused Symbol of Rime
      • Frosted Iceshard
      • Frosty Defender
      • Gauntlets of the Blessings
      • Gauntlets of Winter's Grasp
      • Gloves of Corrupting Decay
      • God-kin's Gloves of Healing
      • Hamarijin
      • the Remedy
      • Helm of Death's Cry
      • Incanter's Cowl
      • Itinerant Knight's Barbute
      • Linked Boots of Steely Resolve
      • Lodizal Shell Shield
      • Mantle of the Endless Wastes
      • Mantle of the Forgotten
      • Mitts of Superiority
      • Plate Helm of Power
      • Ritualist's Iron Stompers
      • Ry'Gorr Tome of Blood
      • Sculpted Symbol of Despair
      • Sculpted Symbol of Shadows
      • Shadeweave Robes
      • Shadow Forged Bracers
      • Shadow Linked Bracers
      • Shadow Wrought Helm
      • Shoulder Guards of Shame
      • Shoulders of Frostfur
      • Skullcap of Tangible Shadows
      • Spun Symbol of the Arachnid
      • Symbol of the Caller
      • Symbol of the Cornicen
      • Symbol of the Horn Blower
      • Terrolus' Ancient Stein
      • Tome of Ravenous Undeath
      • Unquenched Blocker
      • Whittled Essence of Fury
      • Wrappings of Terrible Cold

    • Hailing Pas Yu, or Yun Zi will correct characters that completed Traveler's Feast - Othmir Pepper Pasta but did not receive the account flag that allows them to purchase the rewards from Pas Yu.
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