Update Notes: Tuesday, November 13, 2012 "Chains of Eternity"

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  1. Bunji Developer

    Chains of Eternity is EverQuest II's 9th expansion! In Chains of Eternity, adventurers will travel to the realm known as Ethernere in their quest to stop the siphoning of souls from Norrath. Here, the heroes will fight to save not only the mortals of their world, but prevent the imbalance in Ethernere, as well as meet the God of the afterlife, Drinal, the Silver Reaper. They may yet find the answer lies not in fortunes and portents, but deep in Norrath's past. Adventurers will also uncover all new areas in the mortal realm of Norrath.

    The fate of the living and the dead are in your hands, heroes! Are you up to the challenge before you?

    • Prestige Abilities - Each subclass will get access to new Prestige Abilities!
    • Prestige Tradeskills - Your crafting will shine like never before with Prestige Tradeskills, including experimentation and quantity crafting.
    • Spirit Stones - New adornments that gain experience with you and grow in power.
    • Level caps raised to 95 for adventurers, tradeskillers, and guilds.
    • AA Boost - Boost two level 90 characters to 280 Alternate Advancement points and begin the journey to levels 91 through 95.
    • Two new overland areas, Obol Plains and Eidolon Jungle.
    • New contested dungeon, Sleeper’s Tomb.
    • Eight new dungeons which include both solo and group versions.
    • Three new raid zones to test your skills.

    There are no longer coin limits on any account types.

    Experience from 90 to 92 has been reduced, and the experience gained from quests over level 90 has been increased.
    Fixed an issue where players would stop animating when riding a glider mount.
    Fixed a bug where the beastlord window would creep upward when toggling mini and max modes.
    Fixed a bug where some potions would not work with click to cure.
    By popular demand, there is now a distance meter on the default UI and a value that can be added into custom UI's on /GameData.Target.Distance (also for ImpliedTarget). You can enable the distance meter under Options>User Interface>Name and Chat Bubble.
    /duel_accept will now close the choice window without needing to click the button.
    Fixed a bug where some escort NPCs would lock to attackers preventing you from helping them.
    Call of the Veteran should no longer think you are in combat with mobs when you die during a fight. Please keep reporting CoV failures!
    The ‘Character Advancement & Alternate Advancement’ UI has been updated for easier navigation and to be more informative about where the player has points to spend.

    Training dummy health has been increased.
    Training dummies now have the ability to be set to immortal. This will automatically full heal the dummy when they die. This can be toggled on and off via right clicking the dummy when not in combat.
    New amenities are available for guilds level 90 – 95. Guild Chronomage available at guild level 92, Guild Prophet (Deity Altars) available at guild level 94, and new Guild Standards available at guild level 95.

    Bulletin boards on city merchants are now available to players of all levels.
    All Destiny of Velious collections should now be under the "Destiny of Velious" category.

    Mercenaries will now filter into the "group only" tracking list.
    Getting killed by a merc while dueling will no longer damage your equipment.
    Quest related mercenaries will now place your original mercenary on reserve rather than forcing you to replace.

    Decorations are now stackable.
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  2. Bunji Developer

    All tinkered items with the exception of the Mechanized Platinum Repository of Reconstruction are now tradable, can be used by all classes, and do not require tinkering skill to use.
    When the Mirror of Reflected Achievements is crafted it now results in a Packed Mirror of Reflected Achievements. This can be placed on the broker or traded. It can be unpacked into a Mirror of Reflected Achievements.
    Harvest Depots may now be sorted by Quantity via the Qty. selection in the header.
    Tradeskill items can now be previewed in the dressing room window after crafting them.
    Lesser Adornment recipes will now reward up to 10 Lesser Adornments.
    Greater Adornment recipes will now reward up to 3 Greater Adornments.
    Fixed Favor of Innovation for level 90+ crafters. You should now get level appropriate rewards for successfully countering this reaction art.
    Weaponsmiths can now make rhenium shurikens. This recipe has been retroactively added to the Grandmaster Weaponsmith's Basic Compendium, Volume II.
    Robust and Savant's versions of Freedom of Action/Mind potions have been added to level 95 alchemist recipe books.
    The odds of getting a frozen mana from transmuting level 90+ fabled+ gear has been increased.
    The pelt reward for completing the level 30 Tradeskill Apprentice daily quest should now stack with other level 30 pelts.

    Swapped the locations of Brainstorm and Invigorate.

    Claw of Khati Sha can only be loaded into the beastlord bar if you are in feral stance.
    Call of the Wild is now 25:1 damage per second to Crit Bonus.

    Focus: Berserk now also increases the target of Berserk's Crit Bonus by 5% of their base crit bonus. (Ex: An assassin who procs Berserk and has 100 Crit Bonus will go to 105 Crit Bonus.)
    Stunning Roar now casts at 0.5 seconds.
    Bloodbath deals 30% more damage.
    Berserker Onslaught deals 30% more damage.
    Head Crush deals 50% more damage.
    Maul deals 50% more damage.
    Juggernaut no longer grants Crit Chance and instead grants Crit Bonus.

    Guardian's Barrier of War now works with the level 93 version of Battle Tactics.

    Blademaster no longer reduces Crit Bonus if Singular Focus is active.

    Rangers rejoice! Ranged multi-attack, flurry and AE auto-attack no longer consumes extra ammo.

    Disintegrating Fire's chance to trigger has been doubled.

    Fixed a bug where you would start a Dungeon Maker dungeon without full health when playing as self.
    Fixed a bug where mana drains would be too effective in level agnostic battlegrounds and dungeon maker dungeons.
    Previewing a Dungeon Maker Avatar will no longer replace your character image in the character window with the avatar image.

    Rallos Signature line charms no longer proc in PVP combat.
    You can now upgrade your level 92 Immortal gear into level 95 Imperial gear via an upgrade merchant in Champion's Respite.

    Quest feathers have been added to world and regional maps. These show to the right of labels for zones that have active quests.
    Quest feathers are now colored depending on the type of quest being offered:
    • Green – Tradeskill quests
    • Purple – Heritage / Signature quests
    • Blue – Repeatable quests
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