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  1. Thart Developer

    Plane of Justice: Scales of Justice [Raid/Mythic Raid]
    • The Seventh Hammer should now force apply his Guilty Verdict to some targets in raid if no players choose it.
    • Creatures involved in the Vision of Vox encounter should no longer be as difficult to move and position. They have also been changed to less detailed models for performance.
    Eryslai: The Empyrean Steppes [Raid/Mythic Raid]
    • Removed a large amount of visual effects that were playing in the zone on creatures to reduce lag within the zone.
    • Corpses of bosses will now disappear after 2 minutes of death to help reduce model count within the zone as raids progress.
    • Guardian of Faal'Armanna should no longer call her entire hive to her side when engaged, however she does have a large assist range.
    Doomfire: The Molten Caldera [Raid/Mythic Raid]
    • Chancellors Traxom and Kirtra will no longer spawn within the towers and will engage raid forces outside instead. The towers have been closed and the chancellors will be reluctant to be forced into the towers. This is to prevent a line of sight crash issue.
    Planes of Prophecy Raids
    • Planes of Prophecy raids should no longer scale their damage upwards if you have less players in your raid force when engaging raid targets.
    Past Expansion Raids
    • Many older expansion raids have been reviewed and now allow mounts and/or mercenaries to be used within them where it was deemed appropriate to do so. This does not mean that mercenaries will stand a chance against raid targets, only that you can try! Good luck! This does NOT apply to current content.
    Castle Mischief [Raid]
    • Lockout has been set to match other similar timed raid zone lockouts. (2 days and 20 hours instead of 3 days)
    Will of the Stormhammers
    • The door to Brelaine's apartment now has a sparkle object and using the door will now update the quest, as intended. Leaving Brelaine's Home will now place you in front of her door, at the same location you accessed her apartment.
    The Book of Trials
    • The old skeleton in Halls of Fate now respawns.
    Maid for the Mist: Part II
    • Darylix should no longer despawn if he does not trigger the second version of him along Nektulos beach so that he can be reattempted.
    • Fisherman Draylix should now reveal his true form more reliably.
    • Torch of Celestial Watch will now stack up to 900 max
  2. Caith Developer

    • Bloodline Chronicles quests and dungeons have been increased to level 50 and itemized to match.

    • Bloodline Chronicles and Sundered Splitpaw have been unlocked on the Kaladim server! The Bloodline Chronicles have been increased in level to 50, and re-itemized with level 40-50 rewards.
    • Shattered Lands Hunters mission have been unlocked on Kaladim.
    • Kingdom of Sky expansion has unlocked on the Nagafen server! Adventure and Tradeskill levels increase to 70. Alternate Advancement Subclass Window unlocked with a 50 AA cap.
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