Update Notes: Tuesday May 10, 2016

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  1. Jamiss Developer

    • A new Prestige Server Poll has been launched, check your in game mail for details!
    • The lizardmen in The Fabled Temple of Cazic-Thule will now drop Thulian Puzzle Boxes.
    • Pork Chop should no longer barrel through walls when running in fear in Scourge Keep.
    The Fabled Sanctum of Fear [Heroic]
    • Golem hearts are no longer needed to spawn Dread, Fright, or Terror.
    Scourge Keep [Heroic]
    • The victory achievement for defeating Pork Chop now grants the proper amount of status.
    The Siege [Raid]
    • Fergul the Protector will now begin his script right away when engaged.
    • Jerol <Norrathian Express> now gives you a Glowing Burl when hailed if you previously deleted it and meet the other requirements.
    • The Scourge crabbers for the timed quest, Crab Nabber, no longer have a knockback ability.
    • Anatomy of a Lion - Only the members of the group that killed the unwarded lion can harvest organs from the dead lion.
    • The Concordium Ceremonial Hooded Mask is now included in the Concordium Armor Crate, purchasable from Oodifo <Armor and Weapon Upgrades> in Qeynos Capitol District.
    • Brass Reaction and Ykesha's Vengeance should now activate more reliably.
    • Removed the camera shake from several proc effects, including Devastation Strike.
    • Rending effects that healed the target no longer do.
    • Scourge waste key chests can no longer reward 2h cyan adornments to most scouts
    • Hounds of War Sigils - No longer drop after Signet of Gannar is awarded.
    • Temporal Mimicry will no longer count the targets Fervor when calculating its base damage. The Enchanter's fervor is still calculated when applying.
    • Dumbfire pets will now benefit from group buffs, including resolve buffs. Many dumbfire pets have had their abilities adjusted down to compensate for the increased stats.
    Lesser Faydark [TLE Only]
    • The Avatar of Growth should now be level 76 instead of level 78
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  2. Caith Developer

    • Primary and dumbfire pets will now share the caster's Fervor stat.
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