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  1. Caith Developer

    • The Echoes of Faydwer unlocks on the Fallen Gate heritage progression server along with six new account wide Heritage Rewards.

    Torden, Bastion of Thunder: Storm Surge [Raid]
    • The Rimefist ability of Brynju and Emmerik should now have a better description to explain why the damage increases over the duration of the encounter.
    Plane of Innovation: The Wasteyards [Raid]
    • Many bosses which took reduced noxious damage should no longer differentiate against damage types.
    Plane of Disease: The Source [Heroic]
    • Gryme's stun resistance is only applied for a maximum of 20 seconds.
    Shard of Hate: Eye Spy [Tradeskill]
    • Writhing ires have gone on permanent vacation, as have a couple other creatures, to make traversing the Shard less dangerous.
    Halls of Seeing
    • Venekor should now reset properly if saving the instance and returning later.
    • The Amorphous Drake should now reset properly if you leave the zone and return
    Mistmoore Inner Sanctum
    • Non-Boss Creatures that charm should now stun instead.

    • Updated stats on many items in Echoes of Faydwer expansion zones.
    • Bluejacket's Boots - Is now actually boots, as intended.
    • Bluejacket's Sleeves - Is now actually sleeves, as intended.
    • Rewards from the the quest "The Master of the Fluttering Wing" are now usable at level 70.
    • Corrected an issue that granted double tier multipliers to Planar Elixir of Thorns, Valorous Elixir of Thorns and Thunderous Elixir of Thorns
    • Mechanical Travel Gear will now allow those that have completed "A Stitch in Time, Part V: Sealed With Hate" to travel directly to the Coliseum of Valor.
    • Rewards from EoF era collection quests (level 60+) have been updated.

    • The Scar - No longer offers "Retired Item", but does offer a larger coin purse.
    • A Solemn Request - No longer offers "Retired Item", but does offer a larger coin purse.
    • Cry of the Siren - No longer offers "Retired Item", but does offer a larger coin purse.
    • The tradeskill weekly mission, "A Restitch in Time," will properly update through completion of a Planes of Prophecy Dungeon [Tradeskill] Daily Mission.
    • A Restitch in Time: Eye Spy - The 3 components for the Arcane Ocularum obtained via The Fiend Fount no longer need to be crafted. Instead, gathering resources and exchanging those resources for the components through The Fiend Fount is all that is required.
    • A Restitch in Time: Bridge Run - The timer for this mission has been removed.
    • Doctor's Orders: Shard of Hate now grants rare harvests and a chance to receive Celestial Teachings for those that have completed A Stitch in Time, Part V: Sealed With Hate.
    • Restitch in Time daily and weekly missions no longer grant any infusers, and can now reward a progress potion.
    • Familiars Wild quest will now update correctly for creatures that fall into multiple creature classifications such as many wolves being both dire and canine.
    • The Statuette of Lady Tera for the Soulfire quest line can now be found somewhere in Nektropos: Tribulation (in addition to its original location).
    • Planes of Prophecy public quests now randomize the order in which they activate once per day.
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  2. Caith Developer

    • Restitch in time daily missions now grants Far Seas Trading Company Tokens and Ancient Rubicite Relics.
    • Restitch in Time weekly mission now grants Far Seas Trading Company Tokens.
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