Update Notes: Tuesday, March 31, 2015

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  1. Bunji Developer

    Optimized some tool-tips and item examines to help with server performance. Fixed a bug where, when examining an item adornment that is part of a set, you may not always get the proper number reported in the item examine for how many adornments you have equipped from the set.

    Ossuary: Cathedral of Bones [Raid]
    The Protector of Bones has had his health decreased and adds should spawn less often.

    Ssraeshza Temple
    Shadowslice will no longer ignore wards.

    Precipice of Power [Raid]
    The Tribunal has regained his ability to pass judgment on his adversaries.
    Corrected an issue that affected targeting during the Tribunal encounter.
    The Silent Assassin in the Tribunal encounter has been made larger so it is a bit easier to locate.

    Blessings and Miracles
    Bristlebane: Grin of the Trickster has been changed to not stack from multiple casters and the duration has been reduced to 30 seconds from 10 minutes.
    Bristlebane: Swindle Fate has been changed from 15 seconds permanent anti death to a 15 sec 3 trigger anti-death.

    Removed restrictions from most Altar of Malice weapons, except where dictated by class restrictions.
    All jewelry items obtained from Construct of Malice as well as Avatars now apply a set bonus for obtaining multiple items from these powerful creatures.
    The effect Early Advantage has had its effect scaled to always proc for the maximum in its damage range as the health requirement no longer applies.
    Altar of Malice raid weapons have had their damage rating slightly increased.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.