Update Notes: Tuesday, March 10, 2015

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    Castle Highhold: Thresinet's Den [Heroic]
    Vexven Mucktail will now spawn with fewer Mucktail gnoll skeletons defeated.

    Precipice of Power [Raid]
    Karana's "Muscle Lock" spell should no longer spam onscreen messages. It will print the messages to chat instead for those engaged in the encounter.

    Endemic Shoes of the Augur no longer have an appearance of a robe.
    Guise of the Coercer's reuse time has been reduced.
    Altar of Malice Advanced Solo and Heroic boss encounters now have a chance to drop Malice Shards. Malice shards may be used to purchase armor from the Barter and Exchange merchant.
    Greater Offensive Focus adornments have had prose tweaked to be clearer that they increase ability damage only.
    Unquestionable Fury may now be used by Warriors and Crusaders.
    The Ancient Plundered Shank should now use the piercing skill for determine damage rating.
    Cloaks and Belts from Altar of Malice zones have had their stats redistributed.
    Cloaks and Belts from Altar of Malice zones have had their tables simplified to avoid very large tables.
    Cloaks and Belts from Altar of Malice zones all now have either weapon skills or casting skills.

    Two versions of the Tradesman's Satchel will be added to the marketplace shortly after this update. When unpacked in your inventory these satchels will grant a large amount of common harvestable resources as well as a chance at bonus items. Possible bonus items include spellshards/foundations for the appropriate tier as well as new components used in the crafting of new and powerful white adornments that grow in power as you level. Recipes for these new adornments may be purchased off of adornment recipe merchants.

    Rare Provisioner Harvests have been added to garden nodes of all types, recipes that use these new harvests have been added to existing recipe books at level 1 and 10, and new Advanced Provisioner recipe books which can be purchased from any recipe vendor.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.