Update Notes: Tuesday June 5, 2018

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  1. Thart Developer

    • Removed an overzealous membership popup that was displaying every few minutes.
    • Harvest Bag: Added 'Suppress Messages' checkbox that will suppress chat messages when items are placed in the Harvest Bag ( located in the Harvest Bag’s “bag options” ).
    Plane of Disease: Virulent Incursion [Raid]
    • Skal'sli the Wretched should no longer attempt to cast curses on dead players.
    • Wretched piles of goo should no longer cast the ability "Armor Buster"
    Torden, Bastion of Thunder: Tower Breach [Heroic/Expert]
    • Elif Whitewind should be more descriptive about where he is placing the ability "Wail"
    Shard of Hate: Utter Contempt [Heroic & Solo]
    • Estir the Spiteful must now be hailed before she can be attacked.
    • The Damned's stoneskin buff, Damnation, now properly updates based on increments.
    • The number of skeleton adds in the The Damnation encounter in [Solo] caps at 40.
    • Clearing The Trapped Bellhop's discarded clothing should now be quicker.
    • Vampires bats within The Heart of Hate will no longer launch the dead into the air.
    Shard of Hate: Reignited Hatred [Raid]
    • The Lord of Ire should more reliably inform targets of Curse of Ire that a curse has been placed on them
    • Lowered the recurring power drains from base encounters in the zone. They will still drain power but it will start off low and increase if not cured.
    • When Lord of Loathing is slain the barriers involved with his encounter should now properly despawn.
    Sebilis (TLE only)
    • Corrected an issue that made Venril Sathir's Door not display the entrance requirements if not met.
    • Increased the equip level of The Shadow Odyssey collection rewards to level 81 to make them unequippable on Fallen Gate.
    • Hunter's Guard may only be used by Warriors and Crusaders and triggers Flay the Beast
    • Shaper's Accomplice may only be used by Channelers.
    • Hunter's Scale Shield may only be used by Mages and Priests and triggers Flay the Beast.
    • Bow of Rapid Trepidation is no longer itemized as a two handed weapon.
    • Updated adornment slots on heroic character gear from purple to orange.
    • Updated adornment slots on level 101+ heritage gear from purple to orange.
    • Added black adornment slots to several expert pieces that were missing them.
    • Rise of Kunark item sets have been upgraded to match current stat progression.
    • Eternal Enchantment rings are now spelled correctly.
    • Deepening Barrier now rewards shoulder armor of the same name.
    • Shipwrecked! - Completion of the quest no longer removes "Message in a Bottle" from the player's character inventory.
    • *Shady Swashbuckler now offers "Message in a Bottle" to those currently working on or have already completed the quest "Shipwrecked!"
    • *Shady Swashbuckler now offers "Shrunken Goblin Skull Earring" to those who have completed the quest "Light of the Destroyer"
    • Shape the Future - Alishinu and hunting stelecats are now only visible when they will update the quest.
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