Update Notes: Tuesday, June 24, 2014

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    The Fabled Deathtoll
    A level 95 update of the original Deathtoll raid zone. Unliving horrors await all who enter, and only the most powerful adventurers will survive to face Tarinax the Destroyer himself!

    House actors now use double quotes instead of single quotes for their greeting messages.

    Tears of Veeshan: Shattered Dreams
    Spirits will appear for those that require them from slain goblins in High Keep and High Keep: The Pickclaw Depths (both heroic and advanced solo), regardless of the group member that killed them (pets and mercenaries included).

    High Keep: The Bloodless Incursion [Contested]
    Several undead orcs and dark elves have chosen to haunt other areas outside the hallways leading to Captain Boshinko.
    The chunks of rock that fall off the Tunnelgorger now decrement his stoneskin twice as much as they did previously.

    Temple of Veeshan: Guardian's Edifice
    Aerakyn Sharpshots should no longer have quite as large of a range on their bows.

    Fixed a bug where someone who is awarded the housing dev pick could get the dungeon maker's hall of fame trophy instead of the housing hall of fame trophy.

    KingdomofSky: Class specific armor sets granted via the Golden Path quest line have been upgraded to be more in line with current itemization stats.
    Corrected an issue with Standard of Greater Noxious Protection and Standard of Superior Noxious Protection that prevented them from granting the correct benefit.
    Etherwood should now sort as a harvested item.

    Bloody Shank: Radiant Aura should now be appropriately removed from the War Committee Shades when the Codex Creatorum is used.

    Shaman mercenaries have gotten a slight boost to their healing potential

    You can now sort the battlegrounds scoreboard by team. Just click the team score at the top to sort with that team on the top!
    Fixed a bug where you could see ghost Battleground characters at character select that you couldn't play.
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Thread Status:
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