Update Notes: Tuesday, July 8, 2014

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    New Ethereal or Artifact weapons can now be found within Tears of Veeshan mission Crates.

    Fixed a bug where dev picks would temporarily disappear from the housing leaderboards.

    The Fabled Deathtoll
    Cruor Alluvium’s Aqueous Attunement spell will now allow players to cast spells and use skills while moving.
    Cruor Alluvium’s Waning Skill debuff will no longer trigger off of pet deaths.

    Temple of Veeshan: Dreadscale's Maw
    Several new accessories have been added to the treasure tables in Dreadscale's Maw.
    Bosses slain within the zone should now reward status.
    Added map to zone.

    Ritual-Forged Platemail Cuirass appearance now matches the rest of the set.
    Antonia Bayle and Lucan D'Lere statues can now be placed in all house types.
    Peerless Partisan's Breastplate of the Bladespeaker now has the correct icon.
    Renewing Bulwark I can now be used at level 80.
    Mystical Linked Bracers of the Skyraider no longer changes name when upgraded.
    Status consumables will no longer broadcast to the guild when acquired.
    Items that grant the wearer the ability to see Expert Collections are no longer limited to a specific expansion era, and will now function for all Expert collections.

    Back in Fashion - Collector Rattelis can now be found in Qeynos's Lion's Mane Inn, or The Harbor Exchange inFreeport.
    Forgotten Shroud - Priest Ian Turner will now speak to you, even if you are currently collecting items for a salve, on the quest "Seeking Superior Salve."
    Vampirical Evidence - Gathering the blood-scrawled note now updates for your entire group.
    Vampirical Evidence - The blood-scrawled note now respawns much faster.
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Thread Status:
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