Update Notes: Tuesday July 19, 2016

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  1. Bunji Developer

    Fixed an issue where Aerakyn’s would sometimes show mirrored particle effects at their feet.
    Fixed a UI related crash in the client.

    Event Server: Race To Trakanon
    Tinkering trainers are now available on the Race to Trakanon server!

    Lesser Faydark
    Tunare's Battleweary ability should not trigger as quickly allowing more time to complete the encounter.

    Sundered Splitpaw
    Encounters within Sundered Splitpaw will set a zone lockout timer when killed.

    Agnostic Dungeons
    Adjusted difficulty scaling in agnostic dungeons that can scale to level 100.

    Scourge Watchman's Quiver is now 36 slots.
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  2. Caith Developer

    Marketplace quivers are now able to hold both arrow and throwing ammo types.
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