Update Notes: Tuesday January 28, 2020

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  1. Asterix Developer

    • The appearance for the "Rockhopper's Spiked Smasher" has been corrected to a one handed appearance.
    • Dal'secur Haillet will now accept Patterns of Evasion as currency items.

    • Fixed a client crash caused by using the /toggleoverseer command.

    • Krmi should correctly offer copies of Voidpiercer's Hackamore Recipes if the research for them has been completed.

    • Removed Channeler only bows from hunters union merchants.

    • If a player deletes Piercing the Darkness: The Sad Tale of Benosch Ironsprocket Part III after having made progress in the quest, they can now enter the Hive and get the quest again.

    • Aurelian Coast: The Emergent Eclipse [Raid]
      • The Galorian Champion's mutagenic shrieker adds have had their health reduced
      • Raiders now have longer to destroy the mutagenic shrikers before they duplicate. This only applies to normal mode.
      • Xi Xia Xius should not kill players who are not close to the center of his vortex any longer.
      • The earned flight paths have been made so that players can jump off if they so choose.
      • The Stonegrabber Colossus should no longer summon orbs that circle around him, instead they will spawn at static locations. Due to this, players will now need to go to the orbs to deal with them.
    • The Blinding: Twisted Vista [Raid]
      • The Rockhopper Pouncer will now show a warning on the ground as well as added messaging when he is about to pounce back to the raid force.
    • Sanctus Seru: The Fading Arches [Raid]
      • Lord Triskian Seru should no longer be able to be pulled away from his main fight area.
    • Fordel Midst: Wayward Manor [Heroic]
      • Eegut Stonegut (Challenge mode) should always spawn a treasure chest when defeated.
    • The Vault of Ssraeshza [Solo]
      • Umbral Lord Yzo's shadow soldiers will now despawn when he is defeated.
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  2. Gninja Developer

    Lord Triskian Seru has returned on all servers.
  3. Chrol Developer

    • Curses have been removed from Aurelian Coast [Solo] dungeons.
  4. Chrol Developer

    • Blood of Luclin Normal mode heroic bosses have had their mitigations reduced.
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