Update Notes: Tuesday, January 20, 2016

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  1. Bunji Developer

    Corrected an issue that prevented interaction with many objects and NPCs.

    Thalumbra fertilizers drop more frequently.
    Items with the ability "Soulfeast" will now properly upgrade from items with "Soulthirst".
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  2. Bunji Developer

    Ascent of the Awakened
    Ireth The Cold is now the correct level.

    Several level 70 Ancient Teaching recipes now use the correct tier 8 components.

    Reduced the mitigation debuff of Dispatch in PvP combat.

    Channelers may convert the Soulbound Wand of Flaying into a bow by examining the item.
    Curse of Shielding may now only trigger once every 8 seconds when modified by Group Warding.
    Reduced the extra damage granted to Fae Fires by Wildfires.
    Reduced the outgoing damage of Ethereal Leach.
    Ethereal Conduit will now reset Soulburn.

    Aura of Immolation, Ethereal Conduit, Ethereal Divinity, and Ethereal Onslaught will no longer reset the following abilities: Altruism, Ancestral Avenger, Ancestral Channeling, Ancestral Savior, Battle Frenzy, Bladedance, Bob and Weave, Brawler's Tenacity, Channel, Channeled Focus, Class Mythical Spells, Cloak of Divinity, Coercive Shout, Crusader's Faith, Cyclone, Deadly Dance, Defensive Minded, Devastation Fist, Diamond Flesh, Divine Aura, Divine Guidance, Draconic Shout, Dragon AA Death prevents, Dragoon's Reflexes, Equilibrium, Faith, Faith of the Fallen, Feral Tenacity, Focused Casting, Hateful Respite, Holy Aid, Holy Salvation, Holy Warding, Howling with the Pack, Ignore Pain, Impenetrable, Impenetrable Will, Inner Focus, Last Man Standing, Lay on Hands, Manashield, Manawall, Manaward, Mend, Mind Control, Nature's Renewal, Pact of the Cheetah, Perfect Counter, Perseverance of the Divine, Prayer of Healing, Predator's Final Trick, Protect Me!, Provoking Stance, Rampager's Resilience, Redemption, Rhythmic Overture, Shadowknight's Furor, Smoke Bomb, Sonic Barrier, Stand Firm, Stoneskins, Stonewall, Tag Team, Temporal Mimicry, Time Warp, Tortoise Shell, True Faith, Tunare's Watch, Unholy Warding, Unshakable Grip, Victorious Concerto, Wall of Force

    Updated some versions of the following effects: Allied Strength, Aura Share, Brotherhood of the Underfoot, Building Furor, Countermoves, Firm Stance, Frantic Foundations, Furious Barrage, Impartial Engagement, Magical Vulnerability, Pirate's Aim, Practiced Power, Practiced Tactics, Shroud of the Sea, Skirting the Edge, Soulthirst, The Finisher, Uplifted Power, Uplifting Blows, Uplifting Criticals
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