Update Notes: Tuesday, January 12, 2016

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  1. Bunji Developer

    Time-Locked Expansion Servers
    Fixed an issue with named encounters not receiving their full mitigation.

    The Humator Harridan is once again heroic.

    The final point of Enhance: Predator's Final Trick will now increase Potency instead of Crit Bonus.
    Clara's Chaotic Cacophony's debuff component will no longer overwrite itself when cast by a different caster.

    Baby Dragon Burbur (Chestnut) petamorph wand now properly converts into a house item, and back again.
    Amplifying Stamina and Amplifying Combo effects will once again display the effect range.
    Disciple's Fervor will now correctly grant potency for each increment stack.
    Corrected an issue that prevented Apostate's Wrath from applying.
    Relic class cloaks will are now Heirloom.
    Corrected the potency granted by Azure Gemmed Bracelet of Reason and Azure Gemmed Bracelet of Piety.
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