Update Notes: Tuesday February 5, 2019

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  1. Bunji Developer

    Eryslai: The Empyrean Steppes [Mythic Raid]
    • Pherlondien Clawpike should now properly update the mission "Transcripts from the Element Planes [Raid I]" instead of "Transcripts from the Element Planes [Raid II]".

    Vegarlson: Upheaval [Raid]
    • Sergie the Blade's "Earthen Power" buff has been reduced in regards to outgoing melee damage.

    Vegarlson: Upheaval [Mythic Raid]
    • Sergie the Blade has had her maximum health reduced.
    • Warlord Gintolaken has had his buffs corrected.

    Palace of Roehn Theer [Raid]
    • Roehn Theer, Chaos has had his outgoing melee damage reduced to be more appropriate to players' health pools.

    • Raid Celestial Weapons Recipes will now return 45 of the elemental ores required for the recipe if the recipe is failed instead of 5. Beware not to fail reactions!

    • Corrected a bug that prevented the Empowerment of Aniquilacion, Pingyuan Diqu, Zou Kunnen itemsets from casting their Chaos Descending spell effects.
    • Skull of the Damned - Collectible item is now spelled correctly.
    • Frostfell Merry Kitten - Familiar now has a proper description.
    • Patchcraft Growler - Familiar's description has been corrected.

    • Raid missions now reward a miscbag that allows the player choose between 2 of either Celestial Obsidian Ore, Celestial Earthen Ore, or Celestial Zephyren Crystal.
  2. Gninja Developer

    Chaos Descending Mythic Raids
    Some bosses have had their buffs corrected as they were using same values as the normal population. The main difference is that the boss buffs had slightly higher resolve requirements (Like 20 higher)
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