Update Notes: Tuesday, February 2, 2016

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    Persistent Instances
    Removed 30 minute lock-out when first entering a persistent instance.
    Killing any NPC in a persistent instance will now commit the lock-out.

    Kralet Penumbra: The Master's Chosen [Heroic]
    The Chosen Curse and the Yothshaval Curse should no longer kill players if it wears off after Golguth is slain.
    Health of bosses have been adjusted.
    Xal'Gilah's Disrupting Tutor add should no longer disappear during his encounter.

    Maldura: Bar Brawl
    Mages disarmed by Dalkuhm can now re-equip their weapons outside of a priest's cure curse.

    Fixed an issue where betraying would remove deity abilities from your spellbook.
    Players who are already in this state will have their abilities added back to their spellbook upon logging in.

    Demonstration of Faith may now critically apply.
    Demonstration of Faith base heal amount has been reduced.

    Necromancer (PvP)
    Corrected an issue with Undead Horde and Emberstrike that prevented them from being used in PvP in some cases.

    Aura of Immolation will now reset many beneficial abilities.
    Corrected class restrictions on Tempered Darkmetal Etched Spear and Tempered Darkmetal Etched Hammer.
    Essence of the Dreadscale collectibles within Vesspyr Isles has a higher chance of dropping.
    Terrors of Thalumbra fertilizers now have a individualized description to distinguish them from other fertilizers.
    Corrected an issue with some versions of Firm Stance that prevented them from applying.
    Golaru, Without Color will now drop more commonly.
    Ranger's may now convert the Soulbound Axe of Flaying into a Soulbound Bow of Flaying.
    Gale Force Winds may now trigger every 25 seconds, instead of every 60 seconds.
    Corrected a bug that prevented Turbulent Tempest from dealing damage.
    Upgraded the effects on Yothshaval Wristlet Chains and The Chosen's Spirit.

    Fixed a bug where the completed date on quests was showing 2000 instead of 2016.
    "Spore Sport" & "More Spore Sport" - Quest journal has been edited to specify the location of the healthy spores.
    "A Thief in the House of..." - Palace sweepers in Maj'Dul now have a chance to drop keys from the other houses, as well as their own.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.